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  1. WesD32

    Sound Card Setup ETC

    Thanks, I will most likely install SkullTag tomorrow, just trying to get up and going to play with an old bud. Man at the hours we used to kill.....looking forward to more if all works well. Thanks, Wes
  2. WesD32

    Sound Card Setup ETC

    Hello all. Old school Doom/Doom2 player here. Yes, I remember playing modem 14.4 Anywho, I am trying to get set back up to play DOOM2 on-line via Skull. I installed DOOM2 earlier and my question is: how do you find out what your port number should be, also your IRQ number? In other words, I am trying to get my sound up and going and can't. XP is my OS, sound blaster sound card I am pretty sure. Thanks for any help, and go see the movie, it ROCKed; pardon the pun. Thanks, Wes