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  1. The SuperFly

    More StrifeToons...

    Was that music from "Trancers" i heard in Episode 1?
  2. The SuperFly

    Scariest sound?

    The first time I made it into the Tower of Babel and crossed the threshold to hear the cyberdemon roar through my headphones is still etched vividly in my mind. I literally hopped out of my seat and banged my knee on the underside of my desk. The next five minutes were spent hiding in the tower while I calmed down, listening to that monstrosity stomp his way around outside. And for my money, nothing beats the old school chortling of roaming imps.
  3. The SuperFly

    Monster Lookalikes

    Oh, and three cheers for Blood/Blood 2! Possibly the most under-appreciated shooters of all time.
  4. The SuperFly

    Monster Lookalikes

    None of you have ever seen the Pumkinhead films? The first one pre-dates DOOM by at least 4 years, with the sequel coming out shortly after that in 1994.
  5. The SuperFly

    Was the Doom movie good?

    Since the theatrical draw of DOOM was an utter failure and the studios lost about 40million dollars on it (thanks in no small part to a fan boycott), I seriously doubt there will ever be a sequel.
  6. The SuperFly

    stuff you do when you're really bored

    Maybe try going outside? Taking a walk, perhaps...
  7. The SuperFly

    rare Doom I/II commercial add-ons

    I've got the D!Zone CD-Rom and the original retail Shareware package and floppies I bought at Babbages. The package is all brown with a subdued "marine fighting hordes of demons" artwork and proclaims DOOM to be the "Ultimate 3D Virtual Reality Game". Good times.
  8. The SuperFly

    Black Doomers?

  9. The SuperFly

    Rip & Tear: The Doom movie

    Wooo! Thank you.
  10. The SuperFly

    Rip & Tear: The Doom movie

    It just gets shot by the doom marine. The whole clip was maybe 30 seconds long and was done with sprites and cheap PS wording.
  11. The SuperFly

    Rip & Tear: The Doom movie

    Does anyone have that old avi from back in the day called something like "doommovie.avi"? It was basically just the titles, then "RIP & TEAR!" with a Korn guitar riff and the space marine blasting a caco demon. That vid always tickled me pink.
  12. The SuperFly

    Was the Doom movie good?

    QS, which stands for "Quake Sucks", was an old 'DOOM clan' from back in the days when all the DOOM news sites were run by individuals, FuncE was still the shit, and the ADA was working on STRAIN...Which, I have to add, is my favorite DOOM TC of all time.
  13. The SuperFly

    Was the Doom movie good?

    Tsk...Newbs. I'm with you, Mord!
  14. The SuperFly

    how much time have you spent on the Doom series

    More time than is possibly healthy for a human being to endure. DOOM had a huge impact on my developing years, and quite possibly played a large part (although subconciously) in my enlisting in the USMC Infantry. I did learn that this shit is really not all that fun in the real world, though. =)
  15. The SuperFly

    Was the Doom movie good?