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  1. So yeah, the title pretty much sums it up, I've been absent from DOOM editing for some time, and with the release of ZDOOM 2.0, I'll be returning. I've got a new web host (http://Virgil.x10hosting.com/), am working on a side map or 2 while planning Claustrophobia 2 some more. Which brings me to my main point. One of the main reasons I am holding off on Claust 2 is because of the bosses. I am by no means a good graphics/sprite artist (I fail stick figure art) and therefore do not possess the skill/talent to create original boss graphics. I require lots of new boss sprites, and I have very specific themes in mind, themes that you can't just splice together from already existing sprites... If any of you think you can help me (or know someone who can) my e-mail is Virgil_32@hotmail.com.
  2. The theme I am aiming for will be tech/space base, hell and a mix of the two, including perhaps a dash of medieval/gothic. Of course, that doesn't say much, because I will very likely be pulling textures out of at least 5 different resources... Apologies, I had no intention of it being that kind of tone. I do not have any screenshots of Claust 2 at this point (and probably won't for quite some time), but if you want to see my past work, you are welcome to visit my site. I recommend trying Claustrophobia, The Last Seraphim, Ash to Ash and Dark Castle. Those will show you what kind of game design I am (or am not) capable of. As this will be a sequel to Claustrophobia, that mod will provide a hint at what this mod will be. This sequel, however, will have plenty of room to maneuver (most of the time anyway)...
  3. Virgil

    Problems at id?

    Lol, sucks for carmack. Then again thats what he gets for trying to sell ID.
  4. Virgil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #216

    Grul: it won't claim it for some time - I won't let it... Claustrophobia II and Plutonia II are being worked on and I'm thinking of new projects as we speak. Other doomers are doing the same I bet.
  5. Virgil

    BOSS STRATEGIES (Extreme spoilers)

    You know what boss Doom3 could have used? A Spider Mastermind! I don't get why they took that monsters out. Technically, that monster was the actual final boss in DOOM. They should've had a set of hellish maps after the CyberDemon fight, where you went into Hell and fought the source. Why didn't they? Why make it so short and anti-climactic? I'm guessing ID ran out of time, though? :( I just hope that there'll be DOOM3 - Hell on Earth with Arachnotrons, Spider Masterminds and Cyberdemons and the Icon of Sin. Grenades are good against zsecs/commandos. I also enjoy rolling them down holes/crevices and seeing what flies out... :)
  6. Virgil

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    Ok, I beat it on hard. I'm playing it on nightmare right now. You guys should try nightmare - one little pounce from an imp and you die... >:D Why didn't anyone mention the rag-doll physics? They're awesome. Shoot the rocket launcher at someone's feet to get a taste... Is ID software going to think about making a DOOM2 remake, perhaps with the same engine? If not, is anyone here planning to form a team to undertake this?
  7. Virgil

    Doomworld Does Doom 3

    Cyb: Not a bad review. I understand why you wouldn't SPECIFICALLY mention certain features (potential spoilers), but you could at least mention them indirectly. There are so many features that you neglected to discuss.. I'm more than halfway through the game now. I started on Hard difficulty. For me, DOOM3 has so far been an almost perfect experience, perhaps because I've prepared for it for so long that I planned out exactly HOW I would play it. So far, I've always made sure to play the game in the dark and with the sound turned up so loud that the gunshots sound as loud as in real life. I also make sure not to quicksave too often, even if I'm scared shitless and/or about to die. Trust me, when you get damaged to 10 health, forget about the ability to save (it's hard to resist, I know) and then come across a section where all this fucked-up shit starts, you WILL get scared. Man, I swear, some of those whispers just sound.. wrong. I think I could make out some latin/hebrew phrases. Nothing pleasant, either... I have 5.1 speakers with subwoofers, plus a good pair of headphones. I use both interchangeably, headphones at night, speakers during the day. I firmly believe music/sound matter A LOT in DOOM3. This might sound strange, but I try to ignore the background music so that it has a chance to work its magic on me on a subconscious level - I think that's ID software's intent here. It helps to have some 1337 aiming and strafing skills. It helps even more to maintain an escape route... Unlike DOOM2, this isn't run and gun. Those of you with unsteady heart conditions, please be careful; this game (is the only game that) literally made me skip heart beats. :D
  8. Virgil

    On a Rampage

    No link? Damn. All that music may have been very useful to me.. :( /never likes to lose the opportunity to dl 100MB of wad(s) Deus Vult? I heard some HR horror stories about it; should be a decent challenge. :D I'll play it and then try a UV max demo.
  9. Virgil

    On a Rampage

    Can someone PLEASE point me to a link where i can dl the full DRE (with the MP3s)? One that will point me to the file WITHOUT the use of fs progs like Bit Torrent? Or hell, can someone who has the full file tell me their AIM or Yahoo! Messenger sn? Even if I won't like DRE, I'll consider asking permission to use/modify some of its resources for my own means. That's a lot of MP3s/sprites...
  10. Virgil

    Doom 3 Has Co-op!! ...On The XBox

    No coop for PC DOOM III? BULLSHIT. :| *Puts on iron, spike-studded Heretic(tm) gauntlet and shakes fist. _Accidentally_ flings the gauntlet... >:)* Someone BETTER make a coop mod for PC DOOM III. It won't be the same as ID making it, though.
  11. Virgil

    Doomworld /idgames database issue

    Ok.. ... I can see now why people didn't read all of my text file and played Claustrophobia on UV - there WAS no text file to read! Damn you Telefragged! :D
  12. Virgil

    Doomers by Location

    I agree. Martians were gay. But I'm not martian. BTW, your solar system sucks - it's too unstable. :) It's gonna die in about 4-5 billion years. Don't worry, humans will be long gone before that time, as Earth's enzymatic cascade cannot last forever...
  13. Virgil

    Doom 2 levels

    What? :D They are. Plutonia and TNT are also walks in the park. Hell, I can beat most of them without my glasses on.
  14. Virgil

    Doom 2 levels

    I beat all ultimate doom/doom2 levels on UV and then on NM (each from a pistol start), so I don't know which one's the hardest for me. They're all very easy.
  15. Actually, they can. Use a dehacked patch and give them a respawn frame. No matter what respawn frame you give them, they'll always respawn as themselves. That is, you may see an archvile's respawn frame as a revenant getting up but it'll turn back into an archvile as soon as it starts moving.
  16. Virgil

    Doomers by Location

    Hey, I resent that. That's discrimination against non-earth-dwelling entities. :D
  17. Virgil

    Doomers by Location

    Ah, wth. Might as well. Currently, it's: The megaversian conglomerate of Gjivyee [**]The Idrebwouzzel macroverse [***]The field of Emerald Blades just outside the Qamniok universe (the universe containing the planet humans call Earth) [****]The hill of Emerald Tears [*****]The graves of the Gharrhoux (visiting a fallen fellow warrior...) I'll be at this place for the next quarter milennia or so. Afterwards, I have to go visit another megaverse within this cell before I move on.
  18. You don't want to know how many all-nighters I pulled because of this game...
  19. I remember it well.. :) What follows is a (VERY) lengthy description. I also met him in map11 for the 1st time. I wasn't using mouse at the time. I was at that point in my dooming skills where I was using a gravis gamepad (I wore through 5 of those things playing doom/doom2 before I finally switched to mouse and became a god). I came into the room. I had the ol' buckshot with about 20 shells. As soon as I pushed the switch, the 1st thing I thought was "What the fuck IS that thing??" This tall, golden freak with a gnome-hood for a head was running around the room as if he was high on something. I fired a shot. It didn't even phase it. I saw it raise its hands. Fire washed over me. I thought I was losing health and ran for it. I suppose I did the right thing without knowing it. Once I was out of his sight, I remembered the description in doom2's manual: "One of the worst of a bad lot. You can't think of enough rotten things to say about him. He's fast, hard to kill, casts spells, and resurrects dead monsters! At least these suckers are rare." Then I remembered something from a doom2 strategy guide I had once read out of boredom. Once it starts attacking, get out of its sight or his BFG-like attack will turn you into "marine flambe." My first impulse was to go to the window from below and spend all my shells sniping him with the boomstick and ducking for cover every time he started a fire. My second was to get back in there and kick his ass before he resurrects too many monsters (there was a dead Cacodemon right next to the room's entrance). Me being the crazy, pissed-off person who's always looking for a new arsehole to rip, I charged right back in there and nailed him twice more with my buckshot. The fucker was still alive. I backed up. He stopped right in the doorway and started his attack. I tumbled down the ladder before he could finish it. I heard a strange gibbing sound, like the one I sometimes hear when an imp meets the business end of my rocket launcher. As I ran back up the ladder, hoping that in a couple of more shots he'd die, I saw him standing over the cacodemon with his hands outstretched, as if he was giving the demon its last rights before cremating it. But the arch-vile did not cremate it. It reversed the cacodemon from a blue, bloody mess back into a floating gasbag in need of an orthodontist. This act alone was what eventually led me to the habit of saving at least one bfg blast or 5-10 rockets whenever I could, just in case I'd ever meet up with another one of the piss-colored bastards. Ok, so there I was with the revived cacodemon and a creature who made molotov cocktails look like firecrackers. The first thing that flashed through my mind was the caco. The second was the arch-vile. The third was my 14 shells. The caco was descending the stairs after me. The arch-vile was still up there. I rushed down the stairs, went around and rushed up the other flight of stairs. The archvile paused over a sergeant's body. His hands were again turning blood red. My thumb twitched at the same instant the sergeant was revived. The archvile flew to pieces. Then I got capped by the sarge as I was frantically reloading my buckshot. I think I might have absorbed every fiber of the shell, as I went from 100% to under 70%. Half a second later, he received both barrels of my buckshot. Two seconds after that, the gasbag got acquainted as well. I suppose I'm lucky I didn't get hit by the arch-vile. I'd later find out that its attack was far worse than a shotgun guy. This has been a page from the memories of someone who loved, and still loves, doom/doom2 with all his heart.
  20. Virgil

    Is your name in /idgames?

    Wow.. A lot more than I thought. I've forgotten I've given life to so many maps. 24 results, 13 of which are related to me. 1) Claustrophobia (has been recently updated...) 2) The Lost Seraphim 3) Ash 2 Ash 4) Dark Castle 5) E3M5 for 2002 A DOOM Oddyssey 6) AfterDOOM2: Deep Spae Pursuit 7) Virgil's Final DOOM Demos (batch 1) 8) Marine Army 1 9) Perforated Entrails (credits) 10) Bloodsport 11 & 12) 3-tech (in Metabolist's oneweek.zip) 13) 10 Sectors, part 2
  21. Virgil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #163

    Sigh.. I give up. I'm gonna go catch up on those 80+ new wads sitting on my hard drive.
  22. Virgil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #163

    The original levels? Simple. Something like my wad? Not simple at all. In the same way, you can expect to just be able to correctly use an Operating System such as Linux without reading some documentation or at least consulting people who know how to use it.
  23. Virgil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #163

    Job: Good to know that there's lots of respectable doomers (who read text files) like you who are worthy of playing my wad. :) I hope all of you are. I know Cyb, Mewse, Vile, Job, EarthQuake and a crapload of others (who read it) are. I hope you all didn't take me the wrong way. All I tried to do by flipping out was to try and reach those doomers who didn't read the text, so that they could salvage some of that ruined experience by reading it and then playing it the right way. Why? Because I believe doom mapmaking is an art. An art that has enormous potential when coupled with how fun it is to play doom/doom2. It's kind of like drinking vodka and reading Dante's Gate at the same time without the negative side effects. :D
  24. Virgil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #163

    Look at the 1st comment on Claust's /newstuff ratings and you'll see what I mean. I just.. have (severe) issues with people playing it the wrong way and spoiling the experience for themselves. I feel bad when I see that. Job: You (CAREFULLY) read my text file and followed its advice, right? If no, do so. If yes, I posted URLS to demos of Claust all over this thread. However... How many times did you try it? It'll take a lot more than a dozen tries, even on HMP or NTR, but it's easy if you get used to them. They're over 3000 lines of ACS code - I worked hard to create them, you should work hard to beat them. :P I just don't want to let you beat them in 10 or less tries without (repeatedly) seeing all their moves and features and using your brain to figure it out.
  25. Virgil

    The /newstuff Chronicles #163

    I've just read some really interesting developments. Cyb or someone at doomworld who can post news, PLEASE hear my plea. I (very) humbly request that you guys to post news that say to replay my level AFTER carefully reading the text file. Why? I've just been emailed by several people who say they ignored the text file and didn't follow my advice when playing Claustrophobia (played it on UV, didn't read gameplay/story, etc.). I will NOT mention their names. I want people who played Claust the WRONG way to read that text as if their lives depended on it and then play it again, FOLLOWING the text file's advice. NOW! EDIT: Why the hell would you NOT carefully read the text file of a wad you don't yet know?! WHY?! ANOTHER EDIT: If anything is to be done, please hurry. The wad's reputation is slowly climbing down with each new user... I bet this is just because they aren't (CAREFULLY) reading the text file. I'm seeing more and more people spoil a potentially good experience by the hour.