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  1. CyRaptor

    Map Editor for OSX?

    Damn, it's been a while since I've posted here. I apologize if this has been asked a hundred times before, but I did a quick forums search on the matter to no avail, and at this point I'm pretty desparate. Anyway. I'm planning on doing a presentation on how to create a basic Doom map for my Instructional Technology class final. Ideally I would like to do a live demonstration using a computer hooked up to a projector. The problem is, the lab I have to present in only has Macs, all of which run OSX. I know Legacy runs on OSX, so showing the map in-game shouldn't be a problem, but showing the actual process of creation is more important for the purposes of the porjhect and the class. So, my question is, are there any modern map editors that work under OSX? I checked the "Utilities" section of the DW main page with no luck, although it appears pretty out of date. I'm familiar with WadAuthor so a similar Mac-based editor would be ideal, but I'm certainly not going to be picky. If worse comes to worse, I guess I could just lug my PC to the lab and hook that up to the projector, but I'd obviously prefer the less physically intensive solution. I guess that's it. Thanks in advance.
  2. CyRaptor

    Doom and Quake Artwork

    Why is the demon in #6 throwing vaginas?
  3. Judging by the screenshot, I'd say they're talking about those hidden lifts in the floor at the beginning of Map05.
  4. CyRaptor

    crystal pepsi

  5. CyRaptor


  6. CyRaptor

    Blame the toys

    My god, what did they do to poor Thrust?
  7. CyRaptor

    Doom 64 has missing levels... :(

    Here, this might help: Maps 01-24 are the normal levels. Maps 25-27 are bonus maps that can only be reached by beating Map 32. Map 28 is the final boss level, reached after beating Map24. Maps 29-31 are secret levels reached by finding a secret exit in three of the normal levels. Map 32 is the super secret level reached by destroying all barrels in Map 01.
  8. CyRaptor

    Fav Mario (Bros.) Game

    Yoshi's Island was no less of a Mario game than Luigi's Mansion, and you could play as Mario at certain points in the game. And besides that it's pretty much the best game ever.
  9. CyRaptor

    Fav Mario (Bros.) Game

    Yoshi's Island.
  10. CyRaptor

    DooM: Games and Novels (IMHO)

    There are four novels, not three. Knee Deep in the Dead, Hell on Earth, Infernal Sky and Endgame; so you're apparently missing one. I myself thought the first one and first half of the second were decent, but as the series went on it really started to suck. Still, I seem to to hold them in higher regards than most here.
  11. CyRaptor

    New Dinosaur species discovered

    Nothing overly special really, new Dinosaur species are described every few weeks. Of course, it's nice to see a new authentic genus like this one every once in a while. The really interesting discoveries, IMO, are the ones that expand upon already discovered species, like the Dromaeosaur with feather imprints from a year or two ago. Although the feathered Dromaeosaur theory had been floating around for the past twenty years, it was some of the first solid evidence.
  12. CyRaptor

    Weapons found!

    Shut the fuck up, you mong.
  13. CyRaptor


    General and Everything Else all the time, as well as Wads and Mods and Fanpics/Fanpics pretty often. I also go into Freedoom on occassion just for the hell of it.
  14. CyRaptor

    Marital Status

    Heh, I LOLed at that. Literally.