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  1. When selecting a lump in the lump list menu, it plays whatever is allocated to "Default Beep". It seems to do this for every type of lump. Markers, Maps, Graphics, etc. It does this when pressing up/down, or when selecting with the mouse. Now here's the odd thing. It's very erratic about playing the sound. It will sometimes do this if you pick just one lump. Other times, it will do this after picking a few lumps. And other times, it will only do it if up/down is held (which it will always play the sound with).
  2. Doom Legacy. Yes, I am trying to do just that. Is there a simple method of doing this? Maybe a tutorial? Or, better, some sort of tool that would do this? Help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Dark Warrior

    A suggestion.

    Thanks a LOT. This really helped.
  4. Dark Warrior

    A suggestion.

    For your next XWE version, could you have it so that the color number 251 (A purple shade) not be read as invisible constantly?
  5. Dark Warrior

    XWE and Photoshop collide

    I installed the photoshop demo last night, and today, I go to use XWE. I get this error message: Failed to create key Photoshop.JPEGfile.9. Then it goes into XWE, with a messed up menu bar. It refuses to open up any wad file whatsoever. After: Reinstalling XWE Reinstalling Photoshop Removing Photoshop Removing XWE Disassociating the file... It's still doing this. I run on Windows XP. Help?