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  1. Bloodshedder Sayeth: Odd. Wolfenstein 3-D for the GBA is exactly as the original, Hitler, Swastias, blood, you name it, outside of music, it was all there, including the MIDI sound effects.
  2. King REoL

    GBA Preference

    Actually, I found DooM GBA to run kinda' slow, but controlable, very controlable. Then again, I had all the features running. Was hard to see, unless the gamma and fullbright was up all the way, which then, looked ugly. Didn't bother with DooM II, though. Got Wolfenstein 3-D instead. That really IS like the original game (with lack of music).
  3. King REoL

    Screenshots Section Unveiled

    I got the Screenshots portion of my All-Flash site up and running late last week. I'm telling you this now because I was too busy. :) Anyhoo, they're for a Q3:A map that's about 60% done, but it would give you an idea how they are being delivered to you. Also, this is one of those longer loading sequences as well, so if you check it out, be patient if you're a dial-up user (should take a few minutes at 56K, with a bad connection).
  4. King REoL

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    We had 19" monitors at Honeywell (when I worked there), and anything under 1024x768 looked cartoony. :) Same with this 17" flat-panel at home.
  5. King REoL

    Holy Fucking Shit, It Exists!

    Aren't we behind the times! :) Heh, my Mother's PC, old by today's standard, has those as well (front USB ports).
  6. King REoL

    the 286

    DooM on a 386/20 was awful. Slow as hell, and in the PC I used, the gameplay was full-speed, but the framerates were ceartainly not, as it updated every 1/3 revolution (spinning player in circles). As for Wolf3D on a 286, I've done it, and it's almost as bad as running DooM on a 386, but it's somewhat controlable. If you shrink the window down all the way, it'll run smoothly, but you can have ait a notch or two bigger if you don't mind some jerky gameplay.
  7. King REoL


    Buying any entertainment item at Wally World is a bad idea. Usually the movies and music are editied, and the only thing I saw different on the PC games were the edited screenshots. I bought HeXeN there when it was new, and the blood and gore was still there. I didn't know about their censorship at the time, either, after getting an intact game of HeXeN. If there's no other store around for 20 or 30 miles, then I guess you're stuck, like those in "Hicksville".
  8. King REoL

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    Pritch Sayeth, about Toyota: They also make modular housing, believe it or not (Japan only).
  9. King REoL

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    Orion Sayeth: Actually, PB doesn't make them, on the other hand, my 1'st 2 PC's were PB's, my old 486sx/20, which ran likie crap (crash-a-holic), then my P60 which was only half original after the CD-ROM died, the power supply crapped out, and the keyboard was awful (player would do weird things if 4 keys were used), and the mouse crapped out in 3 months (a spare from the 486 lasted the remainder of it's use). As for my current Compaq P2/450, the only thing that went wrong with it is the spring on the left side of the space bar broke off, so to make the thing work, I can't hit it on the left side. :) Anyhoo, back to the monitor thing. Some Jap company makes them, and a 17" one at my former employer quits if you made the image larger than 10" wide, and would shrivel up like a prune as it ran, and might quit anyhow. The second monitor of it's kind WAS a PB, and the horizontal linarity was shot to hell, where text on a 320x200 display was not readable. Talk about variation. I figured seeing 2 of the same monitors failing meant mine wasn't far behind, and I was right. :)
  10. King REoL

    Oh dear god.

    You think THAT is bad? Companies in general want to charge you a small fee just for using the internet. If there's a tiny chance in Hell it comes true, your trips to anywhere will cost you, pay-per-view.
  11. King REoL

    My Site

    Heh. To each their own. :) To prove your point, though, All-Flash sites are the exception, not the rule. Flash sites take up more space, too.
  12. King REoL

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    I used to have a 15" Packard Bell monitor a few months ago, but it fried somewhat, only working with 640x480, 800x600, and the flickering 1024x768. Anything else was a distorted version of those 3 rezes, way of center, stretched, what have not, then I ditched it for this flat panel (17"). Yes, I am King REoL of REoL TOUGH fame, Amanichan, and still going at it, once I get my All-Flash site up and running (or a decent portion of it). You'll have to rely on 3dgames FTP site for the old stuff at the moment. :)
  13. King REoL

    My Site

    Menu's fine here, but then again, it could be bad HTML. IE is lienient with the code, Netscape has some loopholes. This is also why I went all-Flash. It'll look the same, reguardless of browser. :) (That, and I just couldn't make a half-decent HTML page anyway.)
  14. King REoL

    First person shooters.

    Wolfenstein (Shareware) DooM (Original 3 episodes, and unedited E1M4) DooM II (Original 1.666 release) HeXeN Quake Quake II Quake III: Arena
  15. King REoL

    What MONITOR do you DooM on?

    Those Plasma screens run a fortune. :) Sitting up close makes the picels look like colorchanging crates! :)