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  1. 11 hours ago, Voros said:

    Using Deutex, I'd run these commands:

    deutex -levels -textures -flats -patches -xtract freedoom2.wad mapandgfx.txt

    And then

    deutex -make mapandgfx.txt fdmapsgfx.wad

    Boom, Freedoom maps and textures in a single PWAD.


    Is there a version of that for 64 bit computers?

  2. This is going way back, as in more than 10 years ago, right around when Doom 3 was getting announced. I remember someone here posting a fan novelization of Doom I & II, and I remember it being pretty damn good at the time. It was complete, and I only know this because out of everything, I distinctly remember the final line. It was super cheesy and fun, and it said something like, "To those that remembered those hellish days were known by only one name: DOOM."


    Anyone remember what I'm talking about?

  3. What's your favorite wads involving Hell invading Earth? Sandy Petersen's levels for Doom II just don't cut it for me.

    I've played:

    Hellbound (loved)
    Flashback to Hell (really good!)
    Doom II Reloaded (nice architecture but far too many enemies per level)
    Hell On Earth Starterpack (it's okay)
    Doom II The Way Id Did (it's okay)

    I'm sure there's a few others I've played that I'm forgetting.

    So what are the ones you'd recommend?

    Thread music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h42_h8hBtWI

  4. Thanks to the new Mad Max I'm in this mood to really play some dope football shoulder pad, torn leather jacket, broken sawed off shotgun action. Unfortunately there's not a lot of games that QUITE fit the mold I'm looking for.

    So I'm looking for level sets that are all about ruins, abandoned cities, destroyed city scapes, dystopian deserts, and cool stuff like that.

    ZDoom user Vostyok is working on this super cool looking TC called Ashes


    But it's only one level at the moment. Luckily, the weapons can still be used in other wads. Can anyone recommend some appropriately themed levels?

    Thread music:


  5. Thanks, I'll take a look at those.

    I suppose I'm looking for more gothic, Blood-style cities to explore. I've got a weapon wad that adds a bunch of supernatural/occult weapons in place of the standard ones, so I'm trying to find a wad to match.

  6. Curious if there are any city, town, haunted streets, etc themed megawads out there that slipped under my radar. I've been on the prowl for non-techbase/hellish maps and wads with a little success. Stuff like Epic and Brotherhood of Ruin are good fun, but I'm wanting to move to more city themed stuff.

    Any suggestions?