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  1. I tried starting my desktop up yesterday only to have a corrupt screen as soon as it got to the desktop. I tried restarting my computer a couple more times only to have the same thing happen each time. After two more tries I booted it up in safe mode, with no problem. Thinking maybe it was the drivers, I removed them, and started it up again normally. No problems at all. As soon as I reinstalled the drivers though, the problem resumed. I took it in to a shop to see if replacing the cards would work (I don't have any spare cards), but they say it'll be three to five days before they can tell me. Still though, I was wondering if anyone here's had any experience with this kind of thing and whether or not it's safe to say it's definitely a problem with the video cards or possibly other hardware.

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    2. Use


      Could also be a bad connection. Clean the contacts of the card/slot see if that helps. Sometimes dust gets lodged in there. I've had a could sound cards get flaky when that happen.

    3. Maes


      Use3D said:

      I've had a could sound cards get flaky when that happen.

      Lemme guess... Creative shit? :-p Those get flaky for, well, pretty much any reason.

      The last time I had a GFX-specific glitch/lockup/crash however was on a mobo which actually suffered hardware damage:

      1. A PCIe 7600GT card burned up, and caused computer shutdown with no other apparent damage...yet. Mobo worked fine with a normal PCI card, until I ordered a replacement PCIe card.
      2. With the defective card IN the slot, my mobo wouldn't start up at all (PSU protection, as I later realized). On a mobo WITHOUT protection however it DID start up...only to cause a RED HOT glowing transistor on the card and a LOT of sparks and Magic Smoke (TM). Yeah, that was one dead card alright.
      3. The damage to the MOBO became apparent only after I received the new PCIe card: whenever I activated something more "advanced" than desktop/safe mode/video overlay, the computer locked up. Not even a blue screen, just a silent freezing. It did this with THREE different PCIe cards, and also with AGP cards in the AGR slot (modified AGP/PCIe transitional slot), but NOT with plain PCI video cards. Therefore there was actual hardware damage somewhere on the mobo itself, which was now usable only with PCI video cards. Not pretty.

    4. deathbringer


      I once got £3 out of PC world after 'juggling' broken and working graphics cards I'd bought from them. True story.