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  1. I was watching X-play today and they had a review for a game called "One Piece: Pirate's Carnival" and throughout the entire review, I was laughing at the game non-stop.
    The only thing it had to do with the tv show was that it featured some characters from the show. The rest of it was ripped STRAIGHT out of Mario Party, a series that has been getting pretty old and tiresome. Most of the minigames were exactly like some of the ones from Mario Party. It also seemed like there were some minigames and dialouge that just looked or seemed wrong.
    The first thing was a minigame that was more or less like "Where's Waldo", using one of those peroscopes or whatever they're called. The thing was, the inside of the Peroscopes looked more like what you see when looking through the scope of a sniper rifle, and the thing you had to find was some fat shirtless man with a panda's head and stars for nipples.

    The second thing didn't seem nearly as bad, but the way the character said it just sounded WRONG.
    The main character, that kid made out of rubber, popped onto the screen and screamed "YEAH!!!! I'm strong and I'm rubber!" Maybe it's just me, but that sounded pretty disturbing...
    I could tell the game was doomed from the beginning of the review because it was based on an anime show that has already been horribly raped by FOX and various liscensing companies.

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    2. Bucket


      There's some quality anime out there; it's just as hard to find as any good TV programming.

    3. Snarboo


      I could honestly never understand why they can't show smoking in a children's cartoon. It's not like some kids haven't seen their parents or a relative do it. And what about all the other people who smoke? Bah.

    4. Craigs


      Danarchy said:

      Why are you watching children's shows?

      There were some good kids shows I used to enjoy watching like "Courage the Cowardly Dog" and "Dexter's Lab", but now that they've been replaced by crap like "Code Name Kids Next Door" and "Fosters home for imaginary friend" I don't pay that much attention to kids shows. I like some of the more creative anime on Adult Swim like "Fooly Cooly" (I think that's how it's spelled... Correct me if I'm wrong.)

      The whole show is butcherd by 4kidsTV. The real version really..isn't for kids...like most anime. Like the dude who always has a lolipop in his mouth, that's actually a cigarette.

      [rant about the Man]
      It does seem like anime is being horribly raped by our American culture. These days you see all sorts of Cartoons that are made in the U.S. that use anime style just so they will be more popular, like that damn "Teen Titans" thing. It seems as though companies can't just apreciate the artistic value behind anime. they have to claim it as their own[/rant about the man]