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  1. So, for SAT prep at our school, we don't have an actual class. Instead, we go down to the media center where a lady (Miss X we'll call her.) starts yelling at us to get quite and sit down even when we are. Then depending on which day we have live class for (I have Mon and Wed), we either do our online assignments or go to the live class. I had live class today.

    Live class is basically a chat room with a place you can draw on, where the live class teacher sits on her fat ass at home and pretends to be a real teacher. This time we had Mrs. Donna (X). About 15 minutes into the class she writes on the "World Wide Whiteboard" (TM) late assignments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. As a harmless joke I said "What if have to be rushed to the hospital?"
    There was laughter throughout the classroom, but the live class teacher wasn't happy. She booted me out of the live classroom. I can reenter in exactly 24 hours. This is when the madness started. Kids started asking her why she kicked me, and then she muted them all. Then she typed on the whiteboard, "Settle down students, you don't want to be like James (Last name)."
    There's a button that's labeled "My hand". When you click it, it puts a picture next to your name, signalling that you have your hand raised. Cody put his "hand" up. She unmuted him so he could speak.
    He typed one simple sentence. This sentence earned him the same punishment I got.
    "That was really lame ma'am."
    She then proceeded to kick him. Adam, a friend of mine who wanted to get kicked (seriously) pressed enter, spilling a sentence that he had wanted to say to her for a while
    Marcus type "GET HIM!!!"
    Donna kicked Adam and muted Marcus. Then she muted everyone else in the room and then logged off. Then a couple minutes later, the entire website crashed, and I wasn't able to work on my online homework. :(

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    2. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      Generally those prep classes for the SAT are extracirricular.

    3. deathbringer


      If i have one pepsi and add two more pepsi's, how refreshed am i?

    4. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge


      I found this very funny too (given the context of the story):

      Craigs said:
      There was laughter throughout the classroom