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  1. I just heard that there was a book coming out based on Command and Conquer. I however, am not really looking forward to it's release. Why? Because it's written by "Keith R. A. DeCandido". I can't say I'm a big fan of his work. I've found a lot of the stuff he writes kind of cheesey. He wrote the book Resident Evil "Apocolyspe" which was even worse then the movie. He had tried to add some stuff to the already horrible plot that seemed like something out of Scary Movie

    - There was one part in the book where a female Umbrella soldier gets bit in the neck by a zombie. She puts her hand on the wound, pulls it away, looks at the blood for a couple of seconds, and then screams "Fuck!" before sticking the barrel of her baretta in her mouth and pulling the trigger.

    - I just found this kind of disturbing. Keith went into deep detail as to how every single kid in the Racoon City school were killed and eaten by zombies. Just looking at the description gave me the feeling that Keith had a haunting childhood

    - Remember the part where the extremely stereotypical black guy walked into the gunshop and all of those police officers aimed their guns at him? The author added some rather lengthy and pointless dialouge. As if that wasn't bad enough, ALL of the police officers and the black guy were using cheesey gangster slang. Also, instead of the black guy saying "Nigga please, my shit is custom!", the police officer said that.

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    2. Danarchy


      I liked COmmand and Conquer back when it was called Dune 2.

    3. Linguica


      fraggle said:

      That's right folks. The author of the Doom novels was a furry. Ugh.

    4. deathbringer


      That's right folks. The author of the Doom novels was a furry. Ugh.

      Nah, just Welsh

      For a clue listen to "No sheep til' Buxton". Er, and imagine Buxton is in Wales and not England