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  1. On Sunday I woke up to the sound of my cell phone vibrating. It was my brother. Turns out he managed to total our car. This wasn't just any car either. I'm not talking about some cheap Honda Civic. This was a $15,000 dollar 2008 Dodge Caliber that we had both saved up money through high school to buy. The car was used but you would never have guessed that. We had slaved over it for months buffing it, waxing it, and washing it to give it a beautiful shine and a fresh new car smell. It's kind of ironic though to be honest. My brother hated it when I drove because he was convinced that one day I would crash it into a tree or run over a few kids. In the end, it was him who wrecked the car and in a pretty embarrassing way too. He had been speeding down a hill on a narrow road lined with ditches that were 3 feet deep when he hit a patch of loose gravel. He lost control of the car and it went straight into a ditch, smashing in the front of the car. We're not sure how much internal damage there is, but chances are it's completely totaled.

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    2. Coopersville


      I know once I get my own car, it'll be two months tops before I destory it. Thus, I stick with my trusty bike.

    3. AirRaid


      Serves you right for blowing $15k worth of savings on a dodge caliber. Jesus.

    4. Bucket


      Ha ha, people who wreck their cars are retarded.