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  1. Alright, so my brother and I were driving to school today and about halfway there we got stuck in traffic, so I decided to turn on the radio to pass the time. I had it tuned to our favorite station, 101.1 KUFO. Usually there's a talk show in the morning, but today they were just broadcasting some kind of message voiced with that text to speech program. I don't remember what exactly it was saying, something about the mothership landing and how long until it did. I looked it up on google and it looks like they're trying to pull some kind of prank or something http://www.kufo.com/. I tuned in later this afternoon and they were still doing it. Any idea what this is about?

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    2. exp(x)
    3. Danarchy


      exp(x) said:

      Pft, KUFO. KBOO on top!

      Stations with both those designations exist within one city? Oh wait, this is Portland we're talking about. Rick Emerson is a familiar name. Maybe we get (got) his show up here, too.

      A lot of radio stations do weird shit when they change formats. I've heard of ones with just a voice counting down over and over, or a really campy song being played repeatedly for a week or so until they complete the switch-over.

    4. Jodwin


      Craigs said:

      emo crap like Apocalyptica