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  1. So I learned just how dangerous elevators really are. I had just finished with my weight training class and I decided to head over to the cafeteria for a snack. So I went to the cafeteria and was on my way to the lounge upstairs when I decided to just go ahead and be a lazy bastard and take the elevator instead. So I got in the elevator, and about half way up the power went out and the elevator got stuck. I'm not really that claustrophobic but I was kinda nervous about being sealed in a nearly pitch black box. 2 minutes later I began hallucinating. I kept seeing REoL lurking in the corner with his camera, giggling, and rubbing his face against the wall. I was really scared by that point. 3 minutes later and there was still no power. REoL was now crouching on the ceiling, his head spinning in circles like some kind of living merry go round. I cowered in the corner of the elevator, praying that he wouldn't come any closer. 6 more minutes passed and now REoL's eyes were glowing and he was speaking in strange tongues. The lens of his video camera had turned into a gaping mouth that babbled on and on about its love for elevators. I was crying by that point. I didn't know how much more I could take. Finally, after what felt like hours, the power came on and the elevator started moving again. I kept my eyes closed the entire way up. I didn't want to see him in the light. Finally the doors opened and I rushed out. I turned around expecting to see him standing in the elevator but there was nobody there. The doors started to close but I forced them back open as I slowly stepped back into the elevator. I began to realize just how stupid I was to think that what I saw was real when the elevator doors suddenly closed. I started to scream and soon the sound of REoL's laughter joined it.

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    2. Whoo


      Maes said:

      Best. Mr. Freeze. Post. Ever.

      It'd be better if he didn't use that phrase in nearly every troll thread.

    3. Maes


      Georgef551 said:

      "I guess you can say, it's a nerdy thing." -Georgef551, Chronicle

      I bet you're still curious to find out about my condo's elevators, kinda let that fall behind.

    4. Ichor