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  1. Sometimes I cant help but feel like I'm really hurting the people around me. There was a girl in high school I had a crush on. I wont say he last name but her name was Kira. I had one hell of a crush on her. She was a great girl. work ed at a shooting range, fluent in german and russian. She was bright, beautiful, and kind. The thing is, she just wanted to be friends, nothing more. There were 3 girls I remember who had crushes on me. It was so obvious too. One was a black girl. Got her number. She seemed really excited when I asked her for it and she was sad as hell when I moved to the other side of the country. There was another. Constantly rubbed up against me in my art class. Again, fucking obvious as hell. But there was that one girl. Kira. I just had to have her and in the end I ended up hurting those other girls while chasing after her. You'd think I'd learn from this right? Maybe it would have been better to pay more attention to one of those other girls. But the thing is, I'm not in high school anymore and I'm still doing it.
    This is a story of two girls. One's in my c++ programming class, the other's in my weight training class (weird combination I know but what the fuck). I've had a crush on the girl in my c++ programming class for a while now. She just seems so damn perfect. She's a great artist, she's smart, and she's so caring. She does charity work on a regular basis.
    Then there's this girl in my weight training class. I never really got her name. Mainly because I didn't pay much attention to her which plays an important role in this stotry. We talked a bit during class and I honestly thought she was pretty cool. Kind of hot too, and for a while I let those feelings show. Then I remembered that girl in C++, the one I had a crush on. And then I talked to her lesss
    and less
    and less.
    Until we finally stopped talking altogether.
    Now she won't even look at me. I still feel guilty about this but all I can think about is this girl in my c++ class.
    Honestly, you all seemed pretty bright. What the hell is wrong with me? Am I just greedy? Or is ther something mrore

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      You are a typical 20-something male surrounded by a bunch of hot chicks.

      Despite the fact you're not in high school anymore, you haven't "grown up" in the way you're ready to settle down and have kids so you're just doing what everyone else does.

      It's school, some people score, some people get their feelings hurt and the shoe often changes foot.

      You are perfectly normal. Don't beat yourself up over it.

    3. Hellbent


      I do the same thing, but I don't feel guilty for it (or at least only little, not enough to be substantially bothered by it). I have an all or nothing mentality and it sure doesn't behoove me when it comes to girls. I think Super Jamie is right, tho; it's pretty normal and many people do the same thing and don't feel guilty. On the other hand, lots of people would focus more on the girl in your weight training class and forget about the one who seems less interested, even if they are more interested in that one--it is possible to change your interest. One thing you could do is ask your number one choice out or for her number--if she declines your advance, then you can focus more on the other girl. Personally there aren't a lot of hot chicks hitting on me, so I can't completely relate to your conundrum, but I'd say try focusing more on the one who is interested in you if you are in fact interested in them, even if they aren't your first pick. It's very possible--I'd even say likely--you'll end up liking the 'next best' girl a lot once you get to know her and hang out with her etc.

      EDIT: computer shut down because it has no battery and the power became disconnected while I was editing the post--but when I restored Google Chrome, the post was just where I left it. I didn't lose anything I wrote, and just continued editing the post where I was when the computer shut down! Pretty cool.

    4. Use


      You shop around? Gee, you must be a man.