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  1. So I've been getting back in to mapping recently. I started on this here map recently but I've hit a bit of mapper's block. I guess I'm looking for feedback on what I've got now and some ideas of where I should go with it next. Little heads up, it's still very early in progress. There's no exit, detail is practically nonexistent, and the texture theme is kind of... everywhere as I'm trying different styles and seeing which ones I like best. Should work in Boom compatible source ports and it uses the CC4 texture pack which I've included in the zip folder until I finish the map and start merging textures. http://speedy.sh/FJM52/earlyWIP.zip
  2. I've noticed that in a lot of wads, those NPC marines have different colored armor. At first, I thought it was a voodoo doll trick, but it isn't. Then I thought they were custom sprites but still no. So how do you change one of those Zdoom NPC's armor color?
  3. Craigs

    King Arthur's Gold

    Found this on /v/ and figured I'd share it. The best way I can think of to describe it is a class based CTF version of terraria. The game's not finished yet but there's already some pretty cool stuff in it. Link: http://kag2d.com/
  4. Craigs


    Nah, I'm not going to keep it that flat and boxy. There's going to be plenty of curves, different floor levels, and shit. The reason it looks that way right now is because I drew the basic level layout first since the station's design is kind of intricate. I figured it'd be easiest to just do that first and then start going to work on detailing and smoothing it out one department at a time. Plus the level's going to be slightly restricted and have an end goal (i.e. the emergency shuttle wing on the far right side of the station). There'll be plenty of room for exploration but I'm hoping to ensure that it's pretty clear what the player's end goal is as well as the general paths he needs to follow to get there.
  5. Craigs


    So basically I'm making a map based off one of the maps from a game called Space Station 13, specifically /tg/'s map. So far I've got the basic layout done and started actually working on arrivals i.e, adding doors, windows, creating a basic path for the player to follow, etc. Progress so far The map it's based on Also it's gonna be for PRBoom
  6. Doom Marine said he'd murder my family and more importantly take back the skis I stole from him if I didn't post my results so here, go ahead and laugh at my shitty results. http://i.imgur.com/i6T4A4L.png
  7. Craigs

    WarZ: Scam of the Year

    If you don't know what WarZ is, it's essentially a blatant rip off of DayZ that you have to pay for, has a cash shop, and is even more buggy. Anyway, they recently came under fire for lying about the game's features on the Steam store page. They recently went back and changed things around a bit to say that they are "upcoming features" http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/the-war-z/1226980p1.html tl;dr edition: It's not our fault we lied about the game's features Prepare to die of laughter.
  8. Craigs

    WarZ: Scam of the Year

    The scary thing is... I think he actually believes this He actually believes it.
  9. Craigs

    WarZ: Scam of the Year

    So apparently swearing isn't allowed on the forums. Incidentally
  10. Craigs

    WarZ: Scam of the Year

    Yep, also Steam's apparently giving out refunds like candy.

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      DoomUK said:

      I must ask, what's a "Microsoft mentor", expect for being someone who apparently gives you very cool birthday gifts?

      A friend wiser than I am, a programming principal who's taken to educate me about the structure of the company, business models, and currently C#. I've just gotten a stack of books from him on that.

      The fact that I've built many of his computer didn't hurt either.

    3. Pavera


      Happy Fagday, Fag. We should coop shit again this winter!

    4. Sjampansee


      :D Remember me? Well not under the tag sjampansee. I think 3DZOEF might ring a bell but anyway... Belated happy birthday man!

  12. Craigs

    Planetside 2 (take two)

    Yeah this is another thread about PS2. Why you ask? Because it's official: http://www.joystiq.com/2012/07/26/planetside-2-beta-starts-next-week-new-cinematic-trailer-starts/ Planetside 2's closed beta starts next week on Monday or Tuesday and they'll be giving out invites in waves. Veterans and those who got keys from PC magazine get priority access though, so if you played the original you might want to keep an eye on your inbox. They've already done a closed tech test and from what I've read on /vg/ so far, people had a blast with it (although some people were apparently really pissed that you couldn't force a faction completely off a continent). Also I'm planning on going New Conglomerate, so if anyone else here interested in the game gets in as well, you ought to join them so we can team up together.
  13. Craigs

    The /newstuff Chronicles #420

    Tormentor's detail guide
  14. Anyone else gotten Borderlands 2 yet? If so, Huy, his cousin, and I are going to co-op it and need one more person for our group. If you've got a mic, skype, and the game; you're free to join us. Also we're starting from scratch so new characters only.
  15. Not on the US west coast. It was actually released here today.
  16. Craigs

    Modern Games that you do like?

    Fear 3 is actually pretty fun. Not a real FEAR game but still fun. Me and Huy co-oped it and had a pretty good time. They did some pretty neat stuff with it by doing shit like having Fettele play completely differently than Pointman and multiple endings based on which player got the highest score. Also from what I understand Flying Debris did some of the artwork which is always a plus
  17. Craigs

    Modern Games that you do like?

    Now that the NDA has been lifted I can add PlanetSide 2 to my list. Well, I like it for the most part anyway.
  18. Craigs

    Modern Games that you do like?

    Isn't there a letter somewhere where an old time doommer bitches and moans about how Quake's realism was killing first person shooters? Whoops found it So basically: Quake's ruining first person shooter -> Half Life's ruining first person shooters -> Halo's ruining first person shooters -> Call of Duty is ruining first person shooters I'd personally find it a bit more enjoyable if there were more people I could trust. Seems like everyone I run in to just tries to stab me in the back the first chance they get. Also just finished the 3rd episode of the walking dead game
  19. It'd make more sense to throw peanuts at republicans. Because you know, elephant and all.
  20. Craigs

    Half-Life 1 vs Halo 1

    I have no idea what you're trying to say with this shit.
  21. Craigs

    Header Marine

    What I've really been curious about is where this is from
  22. 2880NOSCOPEHEADSHOTMLG Also, the joy of playing with a group in MW:O instead of with pubbies (commandos tend to make retards in assault mechs poop their diapers in rage since they're so maneuverable)
  23. http://www.theweek.co.uk/technology/48363/not-facebook-youre-probably-psychopath I'll let the article do the talking
  24. Craigs

    The Great Debate (Armored Core VS MechWarrior)

    WW pretty much summed up my thoughts on AC vs MW this pretty much is Mechwarrior 5. The original Mechwarrior 5 was canceled on account of Harmony Gold being total shit bags and getting their panties in a twist over them using an "unseen" mech (I think it was the warhammer but I'm not completely sure).
  25. Craigs

    Most unappetizing foods