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  1. Doom

    More Details

  2. Doom

    Pablo's Teaser

    ¿qué pasa?
  3. Doom

    No Hope For <strike>A</strike> Life

    my monitor doesn't even support 1280x1024
  4. Doom

    Hard Work

    well, i decorate my livingroom with torn up bodies. i hang them up here or there, letting them drip freely (similar to what your momma must do in respect to green plants and such). remember to remind me of this so i don't invite you to my next birthday party
  5. Doom

    Good Gravy

    Lüt, he obviously refers to how the maps are designed as for DOOM; it clearly doesn't need it; as a matter of fact, it works quite well without it (engine mods, and their maps, being another matter)
  6. Doom

    The /newstuff Chronicles #69

    anyone know where the sky in dark7.wad is originally from? the txt doesnt say
  7. Doom

    Five Years Of Eternity

    "Impossible to believe isn't it? On this very day in 1997 two friends started a small project with big dreams." it says 'two'; quasar and...? after all, this is the most important news revelation, other than the upcoming MAP * doom taps his fingers
  8. Doom

    Five Years Of Eternity

    who else started eternity (with you i assume)?
  9. Doom

    Five Years Of Eternity

  10. * doom hands Pirx a bottle of realisticide
  11. there's two mutually adverse factors in game development (in FPSs as well as RPGs, but even in other gernes, like strategy games); playability vs. the playing of a role. one points at being fun (in a direct, practical way) and competitive, and the other at creating an envirionment and being entertaining (in a more absorbing way) who knows what will happen here; take the case of DOOM: the DOOM Bible described a much more 'plotty' game, but finally the 'gaming' trend won over (you could argue it's because of tech limits, but it's not just that. when planning and after testing, a game a designer often discards redundant work that gets in the way of making a game fun and challenging, and that is often what would be needed to make the game more realistic) it seems like a pressure from the market to me; to outclass games like half-life they'd have to beat their best qualities (the story), but this means making the game less a game and more an interactive movie (something helped by the new technology, it's easier to make things look 'real,' so it will possibly encourage the designers to follow more the rules of reality as opposed to more self-contained rules in sake of playabilty). i think id should not step in that direction any more than th new tech developments dictate. and these new developments will have more to do with rendering detail that 'scripting,' as whats seen from what carmack says (although his delegating some things to other coders may mean they are working on the latter. an obstruction, imo). their big thing is the engine, and they are not bad at making game rules, but giving weight to the story will dilute playability. they should just let others use the engine to create stories later, and should concentrate on making a game presently it seems, by carmack's (and id's) plans/statements that it's going to be rather plotty (take carmack saying that game tech will be used extensively in movie-making)
  12. Doom

    DANGed Demos

    as erik said, it's a TAS demo. using a port that allows you to re-record portions of the demo (and other stuff), though the actual (no-help-at-all) doom2 speed movie record is also incredible, as its done in less than 1/2 an hour (that means less than a minute per map). check out the compet-n site (the news post above)
  13. Doom

    Pablo Re-releases

    ah, you didn't take care of the VPO. oh well..
  14. Doom

    A Look At The Future

    context? heh.. (just reread the whole set of comments we posted already). bu it's good to see you admitted your incapacity to use 'realism' correctly as for the rest. i'll quote myself: "pay attention to dictionaries and encyclopaedias and good books, they have a lot to give; and in respect to language, they are MUCH more enlightening than forum posts and technical manuals." (with bold type for the feebleminded)
  15. Doom

    DANGed Demos

    "No, the case here is that everyone jumped to the conclusion that I didn't like demos because I questioned their value, and jumped all over me- didn't even answer my question." his 'question' was: "Why would you want to watch demos? What is the point of demos again? ..." not only did this individual supposedly answer the question himself (but from his own lame perspective, true) with the last crossed out, rhetorical, question, but also, he posted the same thing, the same stupid 'question' in an earlier demo related post a few months ago! Inferno_45: life is short, try not to confuse the semi-intelligent cunning of a persistent troll with anything related to 'intelligence.' please