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  1. Moonflower

    The Dark Side Of... Doom II?

    I yawn'd.
  2. Moonflower

    Apogee is back!

    What the fack is up with that site design? Looks more like a fansite than a rebirth. The Apogee logo is still awesome but seriously needs a facelift.
  3. Moonflower

    Doom 4 in Motion, id Is Hiring

    Yes! Someone who actually has standards! Just for the curiosity I tried Doom 3 on ultra-high quality and you can still see JPEG artifacts and texture stretchmarks around some doors and some models, like they just didn't care. Also let's not forget that weird 'developers room' just before you walk out to meet the cyberdemon. That totally just ruined any ambience the game had built up to that point and was just unprofessional. Ways that Doom 4 can be redeeming: - Having an option to hide statistics. Doom 1.9 had that, just plus-plus-plus and the game world would fill the screen with nothing obstructing it. It felt raw that way. - If they're going to have a torch/flashlight it should be obtainable later in the game when you actually need it. And more light dynamics, darkness darkness darkness darkness mushroom mushroom is really tiresome. - MOAR MONSTER TYPES. - More outdoor scenes and less generally claustrophobic architecture. It doesn't feel rebellious or satisfying plowing through demons in bleak corridors really. - Have some proper fucking music! It's not really a gripping storyline like HL2, and an imp is an imp is an imp is an imp after a while so it needs some other stimulus to keep you engaged. And that's the truth. And generally just take itself less seriously.
  4. Moonflower

    On Top of the World

    Wow heh, it looks like Duke Nukem Manhattan Project.
  5. Moonflower

    Doom Music On Piano

    That, was a very cool video. Very inspiring. Have a transient urge to do orchestral arrangements now. Waiting For The Arch-Vile just screams out for a four-piece band arrangement with a hip-hop slur and a jazz guitar solo.
  6. I was just flicking through my media collection in Foobar before when it rolled around to an MP3 of Suspense, the music from E1M5, which I recorded from Timidity. In the MIDI a scratch sample is used, but it sounds totally out of place, like an abused sample (eg. the gunshots used in the Doom 2 MAP31 music). What is that scratch supposed to sound like? In this old Timidity recording it sounds like a demented child's cry run through a flange or bizarre wah of some sort. Is there an MP3 somewhere that demonstrates what it's supposed to sound like? (And if so, what do you think it sounds like?)
  7. Moonflower

    Every teens (wet)dream?

    Well, I have to say I am rather pleased by this. Perhaps it is the beginning of an "Open Sex" movement. You know, like open source, but with less code and more vagina.
  8. Moonflower

    Doom Connector Celebrates One Year Anniversary

    Why does Doom Connector have anything to do with Explorer.exe / Internet Explorer at all? Unless it's a GUI-shopping utility like WindowBlinds, no program should ever touch Explorer.exe. And Doom Connector shouldn't have anything directly to do with IE. It's a game facilitation utility, not a browser. If web pages need to be viewed, the user should be alerted or sent a link through the program to visit. If files needed to be downloaded from web servers, Doom Connector should have its own download kernel, well away from IE. I'm pretty sure Mr. Joe Average Windows user would be wary of any program that changed part of the core of their operating system depending on whether they had their programs up-to-date. I'd be pretty scared if some communist OpenGL game for instance threatened to corrupt kernel32.dll on installation if I wasn't using the latest test release of Firefox. ... And no, I'm not implying Firefox is a communist browser.
  9. Moonflower

    Facing Hellward

    Perhaps this is where his secret "attack" will come from.
  10. Moonflower

    Sgt Crispy's New World

    Suckage, I always enjoyed the ramblings. Edit: After listening to this, I partially retract that. The DOOM Radio episodes were SgtCrispy's self-induced therapy sessions.
  11. Moonflower

    Speak of the Devil

    Hehe, camping asshole... that has a nice ring to it.
  12. Moonflower

    Classic-er Gameplay for Doom 3

    Hmm. This is a damn good project to take on, and the screenshots look fairly nice, although bland at this point for what DOOM3 is capable of. Apart from the logical additions of computer displays and piping there doesn't seem to be a lot of real translation to a D3 style, e.g. power piping and wreckage around the teleportation gateway, a jagged path dissolved by nukage instead of a zigzaggish strafe-waltzing path. Still, it's an alpha...
  13. Moonflower

    Doom3 dot com Goes Live

    Let's hope Tool is doing the entire soundtrack now :) Or at least, a good band that won't put stupid sound effects in the music to ruin the atmosphere.
  14. Moonflower

    Doom3 dot com Goes Live

    Five points to whoever can guess what band performs the DOOM 3 theme song.
  15. Moonflower

    More Doom 3 Info

    Preparation tips are for cooking. I want some solid specifications.