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    Apogee is back!

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    On Top of the World

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    Doom Music On Piano

  4. I was just flicking through my media collection in Foobar before when it rolled around to an MP3 of Suspense, the music from E1M5, which I recorded from Timidity. In the MIDI a scratch sample is used, but it sounds totally out of place, like an abused sample (eg. the gunshots used in the Doom 2 MAP31 music). What is that scratch supposed to sound like? In this old Timidity recording it sounds like a demented child's cry run through a flange or bizarre wah of some sort. Is there an MP3 somewhere that demonstrates what it's supposed to sound like? (And if so, what do you think it sounds like?)
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    Every teens (wet)dream?

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    Facing Hellward

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    Sgt Crispy's New World

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    Speak of the Devil

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    Doom3 dot com Goes Live

  10. Moonflower

    Doom3 dot com Goes Live

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    More Doom 3 Info