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  1. Alfred

    Changing the Sky with XWE

    yes, thanks, also I'd like to know how to make it so that you can have multiple skys on different levels, maybe like map01 has a normal sky, and map02 has a different type of sky all together. I'd think this would require scripting...
  2. Alfred

    Changing the Sky with XWE

    How do you change the normal doom sky to a custom image?
  3. Alfred

    getting errors in RInitTextures in zDaemon

    Yea, i've been able to remove the problems in the past haveing this problem...Though usually I would have to resort to a backup file. I also would like to know how the extra textures mess up the wad's ablity to be loaded in ZDaemon...
  4. found another problem while using XWE... when I try to intialize my map in ZDaemon, I get message saying '#' errors in R_InitTextures...usually the number is 3 or 4 upwards of 64... but i'm not totally sure how to fix this... any ideas?
  5. Alfred

    "Texture Directory is too short"

    sorry for troubling all of you, I just went back to an old back up file before i ever used XWE, and am being more careful about what i add. I suppose the problem was that I had too many textures for the map to read or something, suppose adding the entire plutonia wad was a bad idea. At any rate, I enjoy XWE and will use it in my future wads/maps.
  6. Alright, I need help on this rather irritating problem. After downloading XWE, I decided it would be best to go headlong into a project I'd been working on for over 2 months, a few changes and it was great, then I decided to be adventurious and got cocky in my skill... This brings me to my point, I get the message "Texture Directory is too short" when i try to initialize my map in zDoom, any thoughts on this?