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  1. I like level 14, Veteran's Entry, the best so far. Would love to play more like those. On to level 15 now. Thanks for everybody who helped make this map set. Barbara
  2. wolfie3dfan


    Nice maps for those who like to explore. Interesting creatures. I liked it very much. Had to play it in god mode though.
  3. wolfie3dfan

    Cave Complex

    Very nice map. I would play more from this author.
  4. wolfie3dfan

    Wolfenstein: Shadows of Destiny

    Just downloaded. Rated 5 because you took the time to make this. <3. Will check it out and I bet it will be a trip down memory lane. There are tons of maps that I love from W3d and SOD.
  5. wolfie3dfan

    Illuminatus v1.0.0

    Nice megawad. I like exploring more than shooting but I did find these maps to be of enough variety to keep me entertained. Still playing about a map or so every few days. Thanks for making it.
  6. wolfie3dfan

    Templum Dormiens Dei

    Awesome map!
  7. wolfie3dfan


    Very nice map set!
  8. wolfie3dfan

    Winter In The City

    Love the changed enemies. merry wintcitymas!
  9. wolfie3dfan

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I make quilts and add a bean bag frog with matching quilted backside.
  10. wolfie3dfan

    Doom Turns 23: No End in Sight

    Congratulations winners! Happy 23rd DOOM! I love that you were made!
  11. First time I played DooM was in 1994 on a macintosh while I was in the military. I didn't get back into it until 1997 and really didn't play it until I found out about source ports. For many years I was a wolfenstein player but I prefer doom as I can play in degreeless mode.
  12. wolfie3dfan

    My laptop won't let me play inqstr3e...

    VGA: Brilliant advice!!!! Thank you so much! It worked. I can now play all inquisitor wads. Much thanks, Barbara
  13. wolfie3dfan

    My laptop won't let me play inqstr3e...

    They are not updated. I'll do that. Toshiba amd a8-6410 apu with amd radeon r5 graphics ghz
  14. wolfie3dfan

    My laptop won't let me play inqstr3e...

    Gzdoom 2.2.0
  15. I have managed to play most wads that interest me but have not played inqstr3e or even inqstr2e because game makes my man move so slow and jerky. Can someone help me find out what my computer is missing? Thank you in advance, Barbara