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  1. UnlimitedStar23

    Release: MegaWAD + Servers

    Yes, Zandronum is right. I don't know if it works with the others.
  2. UnlimitedStar23

    Release: MegaWAD + Servers

    Hey everyone :) I worked over the last 10 years on my MegaWAD. It includes many deathmatch and duel maps. I hope you like it. Click here for the trailer Click here for download and more info The name of it is US23FFA xx . WAD The xx means the version. Latest version is 6c. So we have US23FFA6c.WAD I started permanent servers for it. Play it with Zandronum / Doomseeker. I would be glad if you join it. So, have a nice fragging day my friends :-)
  3. UnlimitedStar23

    New Megawad for DooM

    Yeah, i remember your name. Its me, BeeJay. I developed the new maps and made some Doom breaks. Since last sunday i have servers with new maps online. Look at the Skulltag serverlist. My servers are called [Letsfraget.net]. Beside, the latest version of the megawad is US23FFA4.PK3
  4. UnlimitedStar23

    New Megawad for DooM

    Hey people :) I would like to inform you about a new megawad for DooM (SkullTag). First the video about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wYOIAyzMxs Second a gallery with screenshots: http://www.dervlogger.net/index.php/fotos/category/4-skulltag-megawad-us23ffa1pk3 Third the megawad to download: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/US23FFA2.zip Well. What do you think? ^^ Greetings :)
  5. UnlimitedStar23

    New DM/duel maps for Skulltag released

    Hello people :D I made a megawad with many deathmatch and duel maps in modern oldschool style. Check it out. Its made for SkullTag. My servers are online, so you can play it. There are 19 deathmatch maps and 7 duel maps. Map USDM17 is the newest. Download: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/US23FFA1.zip (21.3 MB) Report bugs to me and have fun :D
  6. UnlimitedStar23

    Doom in Europe

    Great! Some germans, too. "Dann bin ich ja doch nicht der einzige Deutsche hier."
  7. UnlimitedStar23

    Classic Deathmatch Maps for SkullTag

    Hey, since today there are two new permament skulltag servers. [DerVLogger.net](DE) You can check these map out now.
  8. UnlimitedStar23

    Classic Deathmatch Maps for SkullTag

    Hey guys :-) I made some maps for DooM (SkullTag). Its a MegaWAD (US23_FD8.pk3)with 18 deathmatch and 7 duel maps. First some screenshots of it: USDM01 USDM02 USDM03 ... USDM18 for deathmatch maps USDL01 USDL02 USDL03 USDL04 ... USDL07 for duel maps You can watch InGame videos about every map, too. (YouTube Playlist) http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=45DAE1761C7DF6B4 And here you get the file: http://www.dervlogger.de/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&id=1:doom&Itemid=2 So, i hope you enjoy it :-) Greetings, Björn
  9. UnlimitedStar23

    Doom in Europe

    Oh, thats i small country on the moon.
  10. UnlimitedStar23

    Be the Cyberdemon

    Hey, thats cool dude! Nice thing **
  11. UnlimitedStar23

    Doom in Europe

    Hallo buurman! Dan, ja, tenminste iemand die hier spreekt een beetje Duits.
  12. UnlimitedStar23

    Doom in Europe

    Good to hear that :-) International is great. DooM world wide :-D The secondary thing is following: I made InGame videos last weekend about DooM (SkullTag). They have german audiocommentaries. You can watch them on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=45DAE1761C7DF6B4 Non-german-speaking people do not understand what im talking about there. You can watch them without sound ** A little bit advertise from a classic DooM Fan :-) Maybe someone like it :-) Feedback is always welcome. Greetings, Björn
  13. UnlimitedStar23

    Doom in Europe

    Hey there, whats up guys? :-) Are there some europe gamers on this board? Maybe in Germany? Its always nice to know other german DooM gamers :-) Greetings Björn
  14. UnlimitedStar23

    Back to DooM

    Deleted by User
  15. UnlimitedStar23

    UStar-ST.wad - Deathmatch Megawad

    Hey guys, my megawad for skulltag doom2 deathmatch mode will be finished soon. 26 Maps are ready now. Final version will come with 32 Maps. To get the latest version... got to http://www.ustar.de.vu/ You will find many screenshots, too. Or.. go to skulltag messageboard. There is a big thread about this megawad.