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  1. msquid

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    RIP Ty, thank you for everything.
  2. msquid

    3DO Doom Source Surfaces

    The readme file is a chilling read. :|
  3. msquid

    A good sprite editor

    Maybe the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) community might help you? http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/community/
  4. msquid

    A good sprite editor

    Check out Pro Motion, it might be the right tool. I haven't used it myself, so cannot say if it's any good. They have an evaluation version for download: http://www.cosmigo.com/promotion
  5. msquid

    Saint Alfonzo's Smorgasbord!

    Saint Alfonzo, I liked the first two maps, but the third map (Comptall Quandary) is brilliant. It's intense, but also a bit of a puzzle. Architecture and the texture theme is great. I don't know if you are serious about these being 3-hour efforts, but anyway, keep it up. <3 Anyway, in map 3 I found the eastern area too difficult (on HMP). Even when I teleport there with near 100% health I almost always die, shredded by Hell Knights or Lost Souls.
  6. msquid

    What are you playing now?

    I keep returning to the Monolith series, Crusades and Slayer -- all by Richard Wiles. They are awesome.
  7. Unsolicited history lesson: Yes, FetalDM7 was probably the best looking WAD of its time. Anthony then went on to create FetalDM8, which turned into GothicDM.
  8. msquid

    The /newstuff Chronicles #297

    Oh noes! Call the Alignment Police!
  9. msquid

    The /newstuff Chronicles #296

    Tango's Gyrotechnics (t-gyro.wad) is a good map I think. It is linear, but fun to play, especially on UV skill. I liked the challenging ammo/health balance. The detail is just a bit overdone, but it still looks neat.
  10. msquid

    Doom Turns 13!

    Yay, a Mordeth award! :) Big thanks to Afterglow for finishing the Crucified Dreams project.
  11. msquid

    The /newstuff Chronicles #257

    Gusta: I ment...all these wads, all of a sudden.
  12. msquid

    The /newstuff Chronicles #257

    what's with all these czech guys? :]
  13. msquid

    A Level A Day

    I found DAC5 interesting as well. The fights were not engaging enough though.