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  1. quakis

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    It's always fascinating to see where others started their journey playing custom content. RTC-3057. The first pwad I ever downloaded after grabbing ZDoom and getting back into playing Doom again to check out the user content scene having primarily focused on the output from Duke3D/Half Life mapping scenes. The second/third pwads however, not so clear to me anymore. After RTC-3057 I went on a binge, impressions as high as they were. The closest that comes to mind would be, Hell's Twisted Influence, and something from either Dutch Devil, Russell Pearson or Ed Cripps releases around or before ~2005.
  2. Here's mine, with some reviews for Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 content amonsgt other games: https://taw.duke4.net/ There hasn't been updates for a while due to time constraints but have been hoping to make a proper return in time, I miss writing up these reviews.
  3. Writing used to always be a difficult affair until I figured out a decent workflow for myself by applying similar methods I learnt from my drawing, the same methods I have also applied to mapping. The creative process doesn't differ much and can boil down to a similar workflow each time. Often starting something is the hardest part. I begin by just throwing stuff on the page. Drawing a simple expression. Rambling absolute bollocks leading into what I wanted to write. Stitching together random shapes to spark the mapping process into gear. Simply having something tangable to work from no matter how nonsensical it may seem is better than staring at an empty canvas. Block out your intentions worrying little on the smaller details and then build upon this in layers upon layers over time. From here on its an iterative process reworking that nonsense into sense. Writing reviews became a less stressful process as a result. Using my notes as a basis, the review tself starts out as a constant stream of consciousness focusing on each point regardless how awful it may read, then being parsed into paragraphs. Going forward is an interative process of rewriting and restructuring each sentence and paragraph until it creates a tangable flow and ensures my thoughts have been articulated as desired. Lessons learnt here is the main reason I even managed to put out this indepth review of Going Down. The reason I find myself having less trouble regarding level editing as of late. The reason I manage to draw something everyday. Don't get caught up in perfection. Aim for your best and lessons learnt should be applied to your next work.
  4. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    Haven't touched Urania since last time being so busy and I'm already so far behind! Switched over to Crispy Doom, which has been a good alternative to Choco. Now that enemies don't "forget" their target upon loading saves, the experience has been much more pleasant. No more 'breaking' levels. Loving it. MAP08: Depths of Asthma (Crispy Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) Starts off on a very similar beat to MAP06, forced into a frantic rush for weapons before being pummelled into paste by an onslaught from all possible angles. Finding any spot of relief was never easy with the addition of windows looking into the central building allowing an easy shot on anyone not paying attention to their flanks. Pressured to keep moving further inside, oncoming beasties don't make it any easier where near every enemy type has been put to use. Spiders, Mancubi and Revenants mostly serve as turrets outside, leaving Hellknights, Barons and snippets of fodder to soak up ammo. Positioning and patience were key here but once I managed to push on through the opposite side, combat eased out perhaps because I gained more legroom to work with. Ended up clearing out the chasm before lowering the blue key pillar, but this worked to my favour since grabbing it left me with a weakened opposition to fight against upon retreat. Though of course I had to backtrack first to tie up what I'd missed before doing so, appreciating how calm the area became in comparison to its starting phase. That finale though was a thrilling skirmish, enough space to lure everything out, cause chaos amongst themselves and somehow squeeze past to procure extra resources before cleaning any remainders. Good fight to end on. MAP09: Metal Mayhem (Crispy Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) Enjoyed this one in many ways. First battle is tame, nothing creating any particular danger. Flick a switch, surrounding walls lower and suddenly the proceeding fight becomes an overwhelming death ball. Its intense but deliciously so. Not once did I consider it unfair, seemingly hinting I should retreat into a side path. In turn there's conflicting thoughts about missing out on all that good gear lying around, pushing me to jump back out and see what I can grab without dying. Then I noticed an Archvile. That Mastermind was going to be troublesome enough, but this added threat can't be left unattended. I had to do something. Wasn't going to fight it out there considering what I was up against, so my tactic involve sticking close to one lift to lure out demons, take them out from resurrecting range and occasionally popping a rocket if I so much as see him. He eventually died to splash damage leaving me to focus on clearing out the northern block before heading south. MAP09 is otherwise par-the-courses here on out, Chaingunners never cease to be a nuisance and open areas acting as bait for those daring enough to become a bullet magnet. Exploration can yield some nice finds, attentiveness will eventually lead toward a BFG and Blue Key, the latter I couldn't figure any use for even after scouring every corner on the map screen assuming I hadn't already activated it. MAP10: Stuffed (Crispy Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) Who's up for some Marine Pie? We need over a dozen Revenants to tenderise the meat and a few of our finest Archvile chefs to roast it up. To make things more exciting, we'll thrust him into a winding maze and chase the bugger down. A good spot of exercise will work up a nice appetite. Alright chaps, we begin after the first gunshot! Obvious inspiration here from Plutonia's "Hunted", forced into a terrifying experience of cat and mouse. I couldn't imagine this would have the same impact on a continuous playthrough. Pistol start had me diving head first into the maze to escape danger only to realise; there's no weapons in here! As doors constantly open and close denying me access on demand into the other halls, Revenants slowly close in. Hopping through teleporters, bumping up my health an armour, I finally find my way back to the beginning avoiding most hazards and have a piece of mind. Until having the daylights frightened out of me from an unexpected Archie rushing into view. I should have saw that coming miles away. Shotguns in hand I get to work picking off what I can, retreating when it becomes too crowded for comfort. Rinse and repeat. Whenever an Archie shows up they take priority. ignoring every other bonepile even if it means I'll need to finish him later. MAP10 is a gimmicky experience but I do enjoy having these to occasionally break away from regular gameplay. Wasn't too convinced regarding the finale however. Barons soak up too much ammo yet eight Pain Elementals consistently spit out flaming pain-in-the-backside skulls. Get out of my face! Several unsuccessful runs at this point were spent finding the most optimal way to proceed before running dry on munitions. Sneaking past three Barons worked sometimes but losing an arm or leg for it wasn't ideal. Best effort to save me going insane was to rocket the PE's and focus on whittling down three groups of Barons using the SSG. It was slow and not the most exciting ending honestly. MAP11: Ejection of Energy (Crispy Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) Could have done without the beginning miniature maze, seemed a little pointless to throw that at us resulting in a bunch of silly deaths just to get out. Poor early impressions aside, MAP11 appears to be another experience much like previous offerings following Urania's usual tricks. Each room is just as dangerous as the last but care will lead to victory. Northern and southern routes can be explore independently from each other, our only goal is to seek out all three keys. However the overall experience can differ greatly depending on which path is taken first and choices made there. Having gone south I found myself regretting my decision to step into a portal, finding myself transported into an oppressive environment. By choosing not to backtrack I missed out on a Red Key, BFG and Backpack before entering this area. Every encounter was a sledgehammer to the face. Ammo always wearing thin made it a battle of attrition to gain new ground for supplies. Did not have a pleasant time here in all honestly, growing a little impatient due to intimidation and doesn't help I'm bombarded from all angles around me, so that pushing forward required the best out of me. Conveniently almost every Rev rocket was a seeker which got on my nerves after a while. Decided to call it a night and continue later after calming down. Once both blue and yellow keys were claimed I couldn't find my way back out. It then occurred to me I'm probably expected to do something in that Cybie tower, but did NOT have enough ammo to kill him. Several terrible attempts at side stepping point blank rockets later, luck would have it I somehow missed the Plasmagun turning the tide instantly. Everything after felt like a breeze having succeeded, in my opinion, one of the hardest parts of Urania so far. Before closing off, two other little tidbits I appreciate worth mentioning include; Upon entering the room containing a Red Key, an ambush is triggered to sneak up behind players... assuming we blew up the barrels. Nice touch; Secondly, I love how that hellish cave section is never alluded to at any point, the northern stairs suggesting a normal area beyond the barrier and a portal revealing no clues where it leads. In the end I grew to appreciate that entire section despite my frustrations in there. Great surprise. Great twist.
  5. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    Didn't realise Crispy fixes that issue! Tested it just now with saving/loading and works like a charm. I'm considering switching over to this for MAP08 onwards. Cheers for the heads up.
  6. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    I understand that, reason alone I love using Choco for vanilla compatible wads. It's just a selfish desire of mine for a bug I wouldn't miss in an engine I like using :(
  7. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    MAP06: Death Mask (Chocolate Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) Without doubt I loved how this level begins and the expectations placed on the players' shoulders. There's an abundance of activity going on all at once, enemies guarding every inch as I move forward, weaving past projectiles, ducking behind cover, popping a shell into an Imp's brain and darting away before a Baron knocks out my teeth. Each time a body falls another step forward can be claimed, only to find additional foes warping onto the scene to refill missing ranks. When that Archie first turned up I wasn't in a great position, taking a blast and instantly melting. It probably took a dozen or so attempts to get a strong footing before throwing down the first save. Priority was once again to seek out weapons, both CG and SSG were essential tools considering my trusty shotgun was being put to the test against bulkier opponents. It was a brutal, slow going fight but incredibly satisfying nonetheless to create a space of relief before marching onward into other sections. From here on in the level practically paces itself much like before albeit more spacious and evermore dangerous. Now that initial panic is over I fell back into cautious play checking into several areas only picking off surface level threats while understanding its layout better, an interconnected network of rooms linked up in various ways. This allows many engagements to be tackled from multiple angles but can in turn give unwanted line of sight from our flanks. Helps having many paths to choose from when forming an escape plan or alternatively luring enemies away to weaken their offensive. Supplies were quite forgiving this time often given the opportunity to procure enough ammo to tackle the next battle and a surprising number of armour powerups. I'm quite thankful for the Berserk to aid in conserving ammo, having some fun skirmishes against Revs and Barons. Although the level is quite sprawling I didn't have too much trouble finding my way around. Of course there were occasions I'd activate a switch without knowledge of its function, but would figure it out sooner or later. There were always new paths to check out or a fresh batch of demons to attract my attention. Had myself another horrible surprise in store while exploring a segment with skin-decorated walls. Fell into a trap when the floor dropped down, two angry Mancubi staring right back. Hoping I'd be out before they fired, a pinky blocked the lift from raising properly forcing me to retreat further inside and taking some serious damage. With little health remaining, the emerging Revs were quite a test, one lone rocket from either of us would end me from short range. Once they were downed I decided to test fate by having another boxing match against the final Baron. Phew... never gets old! That Yellow Key was practically screaming that a massive ambush was waiting inside. Plasmagun in hand I rushed down the middle waking every beast from their slumber and took them on, dodging left and right... dying miserably in my own tears. Perhaps this might have been more effective had I not dove straight into every rocket and flaming death ball! Round two was a smoother attempt, one of the rare opportunities to go wild and blast everything in sight, releasing all that pent up tension endured across the experience thus far. Couldn't figure out how to access the BFG unfortunately. MAP06 currently holds the torch as my favourite level in Urania thus far, more so for its outstanding and exciting beginning phase. MAP07: Castellan's Feast (Chocolate Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) Starting off inside a compact library section, I feel this level attempts to lure players into a false sense of security due to its tame combative gameplay relative to my previous endurances coming to this point. It only later becomes apparent this area only amounts as a mere entryway into a deadlier terror further beyond. Bookshelves and other niches provide more than enough cover to get through here with ease and discovering those side diversions within the earliest lift will help out a ton. Unless you're like me and take a beating from the Archvile as I narrowly avoid taking a rocket, instead lining up into his sight just as the attack fires off. 4HP should be manageable enough... right? Between both areas a bridge must be crossed, except its defenders serve more of a nuisance than an actual danger. MAP07 steps away from its winding paths, approaching a simpler corridor centric layout following the outer perimeter walls, leading into rooms dotted along the way at key intervals. Routing remains very obvious wherein both blue and yellow keys are required moving forward. In turn congestion is a heavy ongoing hazard here, smaller spaces against larger quantities of demon folk, trying to force me to back pedal toward windows overlooking various perched turrets. Perseverance is needed here since ammo is tighter than usual so every piece will count and its easy to become swarmed from all angles. Not only must I ensure good footing but also be vigilant regarding enemy positions at all times, lack of attentiveness will reduce chances of retreat no thanks to a pack of Pain Elemental. Because there's a high chance of infighting it results in several free roaming Lost Souls to deal with squeezing their way into the upper halls. To manage supplies I kept the majority of turret roles alive even if it means putting up with their harassment, limiting myself to picking off hitscans or nearby Revenants. Frustrating level to play through overall, never receiving much respite from those outer threats and any forward motion was tedious at best, which I've only began to feel upon hitting this stage. Close quarter fights are constant, meat shields always blocking my path, dodging past dozens of homing rockets and avoiding chip damage from chaingunners at every step. There's little breaking it up leaving me more worn out than threatened. An increase in fodder to mow through might have loosened up the slog. Not to suggest there weren't any positive moments; Acquiring the YK offers a neat idea by lowering a large segment of its room to get beneath the cage its held in, all while a Cyberdemon looks across the chasm to punish stragglers after pushing the switch. Also loved the super secret hidden behind the BK original location, rewarded for being curious enough to check. Once all keys were in my possession and realising where my next destination lead left me reluctant to move for a while. Jumping on that lift to dash away from the Cybie is one thing but what awaits further in? Turns out a cat and mouse chase sequence, not wanting to fight due to low ammo and throwing other foes into his path to keep them busy while figuring out how to retrieve the RK; Only to have fingers point and laugh as the walls close up, stockpiling me with supplies and forced to fight to the bitter end. I do wish the level ended on a good note after suceeding this battle. Would be nice if there was an option to toggle that off in Chocolate Doom. Upon realising that enemies weren't spawning after a reload I did discover the bridge area as their sound trigger, so made it a habit to wake them up every time I loaded my game. That ensured both Arachnotrons and Mancubi appearing in their designated cages for me;
  8. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    MAP05: Terracotta (Chocolate Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) A deceptively open level luring players into a false sense of freedom through its underground cityscape, a giant leap away from those claustrophobic tunnels of previous travels. But these wide hellish planes don't offer relief, instead intent on surrounding players with an aggressive outburst of bullets and projectiles raining down from all possible angles. MAP05 is not holding back any punches. Getting a decent hold on where to go first becomes a task in itself since there's a degree of non-linearity involved here wherein all paths will eventually need to be explored. Securing a decent resource of armaments and finding a path that leads toward progression must be earned here. First attempt didn't go well. Messed up my run by not conserving ammo, too focused on clearing out the main "outdoor" area before even considering moving onward, only to later find myself too depleted on ammunition for most weapons and my limbs being held together with rubber bands and duct tape. Yeah... I simply had no confidence pushing beyond that Blue Key door in this state after several failed attempts and eventually decided to restart from the beginning. Turns out it wasn't great idea to mow down everything in sight to avoid any potential hassle later and that sense of freedom to roam tempted me to get a little more reckless than usual. Now from a clean slate I primarily focused on snatching up the SSG, PG, RL, a bunch of ammo and only gunning down any free-roaming annoyances before beelining inside a computer lab for the blue key. While I was better off on supplies during this second attempt, I still had trouble. Grabbing health held the risk of it being chipped off seconds after taking it by rogue hitscanners and a box of shells will only be eaten by the next meat shield hiding inches ahead bringing me back to square one. Choosing my fights wisely, which weapons to use and making shots count were vital. At times I felt flustered which battles are worth taking on or instead conserve said ammo for another situation, constantly put on the edge. There are three very distinct locations each with involving some twist toward combat. One area is a computer lab which I would consider holds the biggest ammo sink across Terracotta. The initial triggered fight was a neat scenario, it places an alarming pressure on the player; One Pain Elemental who risks cluttering up the small room; Revs creating a distraction from other threats; Mancubi harassing from one upper ledge and Shotgunners chipping away from the other. Tackling either group requires another to clear off, forcing target priority and speed. Using rockets here isn't always a wise choice either due to limited space. Immediately after there consists more swarms of Revs and Hellknights up until a teleporter is revealed, soaking through hard earned munition stores, leaving me a little deflated once I took off toward the BK door. Beyond this door lies the second distinctive section, a blood soaked room adorned with pipework across its walls. Navigating here wasn't much fun during a blind run since the blood itself is apparently acidic chipping away 5 health a time unless I stand on these small platforms. Fair enough I suppose, except every corner going forward awaits a notorious Chaingundude getting a haughty laugh reducing what little lifespan of mine remains, meanwhile Cacos and Pinkies close in fast. Moving between platforms didn't always guarantee a safeguard either but I'm blaming that one on Doom itself. Even had I discovered a Rad Suit in the side room sooner, I'd probably have bled down its timer from edging ever slowly forward. An apprehensive area all in all, but I liked the concept around it. Then finally there's the Hellish cave section, quite a frustrating area. Enemies are dotted around in various positions providing them good line of sight. The Arachies proved a major nuisance forcing me to drop into the chasm to exploit their poor firing angle and finish them off. Then a wild Archie appears to mock me from above as rockets plummet into his shield of bones, attempting to dispatch him quickly before it becomes another ammo sink. From here is when another form of obscurity comes into play - having pressed a switch, opened something further ahead and... huh, now what? Spent several minutes wandering around before eventually coming across a switch behind a pillar, what one would consider a secret turns out to be an important method to progress forward. This wasn't exactly satisfying to find either. In theory I could have noticed the switch from the Hellknight's tower, but in defence this section rarely ever lets up to allow players to stop, relax and inspect the area; before that can actually happen your opposition must die (horribly) or else be constantly swarmed with rockets, napalm and deadly green globs. Ah, but wait! Perhaps doing so turns out to be a terrible mistake and that ammo is best saved elsewhere? It becomes difficult to weigh in those options and potentially miss what the mapper might consider to be an obvious switch from certain perspectives. Either way it also counts toward another one of those obscure puzzles which doesn't come across very naturally or rewarding. The entire process in claiming the yellow key also suffers from some weird routes to unlock the way forward, involving teleporters and particular switches allowing access into them. [TANGENT] I don't believe obscure puzzle design is inherently bad in itself if you want players to put more thought into earning their progression, so long as we're also not relying on guess work to figure out what the developer happens to be thinking. Provide clues to pinpoint us closer to the answer. Think of switches further away from their intended target the same as keys; Doors requiring a key is usually marked clearly which key it requires, so in theory a switch that doesn't activate anything in the direct vicinity (either via sight or sound) should have some form of visual aid as to its main function. One possible example is using face-switches only activating objects using the same face-related marble texture. Or a button with a nearby green torch opens something where those same green torches are primarily found. Positioning is also important. In regard to the pillar switch, players could have been prompted to check behind a set of pillars much sooner to locate a more obvious switch, then potentially having them repeat this method later and be rewarded for it. Teach these ideas to players early and remain consistent about it, perhaps spicing it up with a curve ball here and there (e.g. a trap) but don't stray off track. [/TANGENT] Well... now, that turned out to be a lot of rambling! Might need to cut back on that a little next time but I'm actually glad I had more to say this time. To summarise; MAP05 is an aggressive level forcing prioritisation and ammo conservation. While there was some frustration, deflation and dissatisfaction after some encounters its a good level in terms of scope and I got some enjoyment out of certain scenarios. Had there been less meatier enemies beyond the computer lab and puzzle obscurity finetuned to seem less about guesswork, it'd have been a vastly better experience for me.
  9. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    @NecrumWarrior Hint: Find a way on those ledges the chaingunners were sniping from and explore the different routes up there via teleporters for answers to both Yellow Key and Red Key questions. Answers: Yellow Key Red Key And just incase: Can't find the Exit?
  10. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    MAP04: Guerilla (Chocolate Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) Ouch. Ouch. Ouch... Ouch. That's one way to start a level I suppose, those Chaingunners must have a serious personal vendetta against our avatar, their presence littered across the entire map where I couldn't make a single forward without bumping into others. Darkness too plays a significant role in the larger outdoor sections, preventing any easy pickings on distant targets forcing me to brush against the walls and creep ever slowly forward simply because I had no idea what could be in store for me, nor did I want to accidentally drop down into a pit and regret it later. Ironically enough the lower caves were better lit and less stressful overall. In that regard I loved the inclusion of Light Amplification Goggles, a powerup I'm usually not too fond of because of its "fullbright" nature, but was overjoyed taking advantage of them to get a leg up over my opponents. I'd also say MAP04's texture scheme also attributed to its rather ominous nature, those sickly green animated walls and ooze brought out a rather alien tone. Layout is a sprawling complex network of tunnels looping back into many sections to the point I had absolutely no idea where the yellow key door was located and had to pay very close attention to my map to pinpoint any potential areas that hadn't been properly explored yet. That's when I noticed an offshoot I'd forgotten about branching off from the starting area. Also fell into a pretty nasty trap while traversing the tunnels which involved some Hellknights roaming on a nearby ledge and a few Arachnatrons way out back; not because of the enemies themselves, besides the hitscanners of course, but due to a potential ammo sink involved in order to get through them all at that point had I not exploited my spidery friends' sheer hatred for goats to smash through that wall before me. I'll spare you guys for now! (Spoiler: they ate a full course dinner involving rockets later that evening). Can't say I hated this one despite its maze like progression and getting lost a few times, there's always something to return back to and discover elsewhere. Sadly certain switches are not entirely clear about their function, one example including a switch in the swamp ooze infested storage room, which I assumed would unlock something in that same building, except it reveals another switch I never expected would exist there. It's times like this I'm glad to be thorough when retracing my steps... Difficulty is clearly increasing, ammo is becoming a tighter resource, but exploration is still an enjoyable factor; for once I located 100% secrets before finding the exit. Must also mention before I forget, loving that shotgun rack, a subtle but fun little detail!
  11. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    The fist post in the original thread has a handy list of its midi sources behind a spoiler, just in case you missed it; you were also correct about the Pantera intermission track too. Tested it myself in Crispy Doom and still happens, though it's awfully specific and unlikely many people are going to come across it, but thought it might have been an interest tidbit to make note of. I've detailed out the process more clearly below.
  12. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    MAP03: Subcataract (Chocolate Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) When I think of Plutonia, Revenants and Chaingunners often come to mind and Urania's third entry swiftly makes wide use of the latter in large swarms and perhaps the nastiest bite the level throws at players early on. They are found lurking around near every niche, perched on ledges, warping from corner to corner relentlessly hunting you down. Taking time to seek them out before moving forward will do one's health pool a favour and become an increasingly common foe here. Besides from a few other incidental fights (BSK Revenants) MAP03 feels quite laid back in comparison to its previous offerings, perhaps the only relief we'll receive going forward. Time will tell. I too thought the beginning area would function as a hub, choosing the top-right teleport relative to the switch first and working my way through each branch counter-clockwise. Starting off had me fumbling around before finally warming up, so I was thankful for waltzing into the earliest treasure trove of gear right off the bat. Wasn't too keen on the ending position myself, though I had taken note of that door because it stood out like a sore thumb screaming secret at my face so I would have eventually come across it had I not, once again, stumbled into it trying to avoid Caco fire. Came across a possible bug in the Plasmagun room; after lowering the side rooms, activating a lift and permanently lowering that platform, its possible to reactivate the former trigger again (from the remaining untriggered linedefs) this time taking the lift's new lower height value, creating some inescapable pits complete with HOM walls. (Reference Tags 39 & 40). Worth a mention I think.
  13. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    MAP02: Marshmarrow (Chocolate Doom | Ultra Violence | Pistol Start) Well now, that was a tense level. My approach wasn't much different than last time which suited well against the tighter layout, poking around corners while watching flanks. There's all sorts of crevices and ledges where hitscanners have tucked themselves into, while Imps and Pinkies freely wander around. After snatching up some weapons and clearing out a few sections I eventually found myself at sewage disposal section south of the map first before working my way back and exploring other segments. First death took place here when I decided to cheekily chainsaw the pinkies from above them only to fall into the damaging pit and finished off by a chaingunner as I attempted to escape. Making mistakes like this won't go unpunished and a good lesson to be prepared for anything. Even grabbing the SSG forced me to earn my prize if I didn't fancy being boxed inside that room. Exploration was tense while remaining conscious of the potential threat of Revenants popping in to say hello at any moments notice. Hearing them having a party quite early on kept me on edge during the whole session, constantly keeping a watchful eye on a barrier I assumed they were all lurking behind. Didn't stop myself from having a fright upon later discovering the door open and some Revs crept out from a side passage unexpectedly despite still hearing their noisy racket nearby. Also didn't stick around long when those Revs appeared around the exit door, diving into a lower niche with armour bonuses for cover which luckily turned out to be a lift back to familiar grounds. Then had a nasty surprise in store when the teleporter down here warped me right on top the yellow key and surrounded by a dozen rockets homing right toward my position! Good thing skittering about the cage prevented any damage but I sure wasn't spending any more time in there. Didn't have too much trouble with later fights after acquiring the blue key with plenty of rockets and shells to spare; the Archvile in particular didn't last five seconds only managing to revive a single pile of bones. Didn't notice the final switch for a while, wandering about trying to figure out where exactly to use the blue key. It blends too easily alongside the other textures, perhaps more suitable for secret switches.
  14. quakis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Urania

    Jumping onboard a DWMC for the first time and going in blind with Urania; Not knowing any prior reception for this wad (besides a few comments above) anything drawing any inspiration from Plutonia is already gearing me up to remain cautious. Despite having a hard time with Plutonia when I played it first time a couple years back, it not only helped improve my gameplay but eventually began defaulting to the UV difficulty from the mere satisfaction in beating each level. Urania should be an interesting one hopefully; On that note I'll be attempting this run on UV & Pistol-start, with saves - if things go too far south I'll be dialing it back a notch. Playing via Chocolate Doom. MAP01 "Bolt Hole" - UV The initial reaction to play cautiously worked out here, surrounded from the get go it was a matter of picking off targets one by one and accessing each possible route before committing to one of them and seemingly lucking out with the berserk path. Echoing what others having already said, I did like my options regarding which direction to take at the beginning which I'm assuming will play a bigger part in upcoming maps. Ignored the SSG at first because it seemed like an obvious trap and focused on clearing out opposition ahead with a regular single barrel before falling back and dealing with whatever was in store for me. Generally MAP01 wasn't too tough so long as I paid attention to my surroundings, not let opponents chip away too much health and kept well stocked up on ammo. I did have a little panic after snatching the red key; my goal was to tackle the new guests loitering near the SSG only for several imps to crawl in from behind and then two Revs ascending a stairway just beyond another door I considered escaping through, creating this awkward pincer between all these folks - one mad dash later after desperately mowing through an Imp wall, it was a case of clearing up loose ends in other sections I hadn't yet explored.
  15. quakis

    Steep Town 1.0 Release

    Played via glboomplus, UV, 100% secrets found. First of all, loved the visual style. You brought about this convincing city environment through texture choice and architecture while having this classic feel to the whole thing. I also appreciate the spacious interiors during some firefights. The initial fights on my way up from the lower pit had some neat scenarios; using the surrounding enemies as cover to get close to a Arachnotron with my SSG. Then having to deal with not only several distant Mancubi, but also staying conscious to the chaingunners being right ol' pests. Combat was generally on point, had just enough bite for its monster count to remain a fun romp without ever feeling tiresome - I think the midi choice helped a lot in that regard. The main outdoor segment punished poor awareness but offered several options to tackle opposition; found myself retreating inside often but also took advantage of enemy fire to weaken the offensive. Overall Steep was honestly a great experience, it ticked all the right boxes for me - from the early climb upward to reaching the peak of one building, then jumping back down to explore other buildings and tie up loose ends. That sense of scale just brings everything together. Also bonus points for a certain Revenant. Cheers for the release!