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  1. I was doing some color remapping with XWE on some HUD Weapon Sprites, when I realized that I'd have to hit "Perform Color Remap" for all the sprites I had (I have about 40 Sprites to recolor, and perhaps more). So, I ask if there can either be a way to perform a remap on multiple Sprites/PNGs at once, or at least a shortcut for performing the map. Thank you.
  2. Oops. My bad. *Edits*
  3. Alrighy, we actually had to push the date to an unknown date (I.E. When it's done) because of some extreme errors we found with the Prox Launcher (Negative Frags, Mines not disappearing after explosion, etc.) along with several other tiny tweaks needed with some maps. Anywho, more screenshots to satisfy you all for now: "The Forgotten Ruins" by Theshooter7 "Holofernes" by Mechadon "The Dam" by Sirtimberwolf "Heaven Torn Asunder" by Mechadon & Lord-Belial "Sector T7" by Theshooter7 "Doom II Arena" by Jimmy91 "Polished Chrome" by Mastan Stay tuned! :)
  4. I was editing a ZDoom Config to include the new weapons, monsters, and ammo I created for a wad I'm working on. However, I encountered an error as follows: Error 457 in LoadMapConfiguration: This key is already associated with an element of this collectionI get it every time I load the wad, or an wad or map using the new config. I'm not certain what the problem is now, as I couldn't find anything that would cause problems (Such as duplicate DoomEdNums, etc.) I'm curious if anyone else may be able to find it? http://www.badongo.com/file/2070493 Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.
  5. Theshooter7

    Error while writing a new Config

    I removed the slash and still receive an error. However, I narrowed it down and found that something in the section "weapons" is causing it. Some speculations are that perhaps there is a problem with the replacement BFG and RL or perhaps a DoomEdNum is mistakenly the same as another. I'm going to test these now. [EDIT] Fixed it. Apparently, some of my weapons had several DoomEdNums that were the same as several prop actors I made. I never originally gave the a DoomEdNum, so I decided to remove those props from the Config. Thanks for the help, though.
  6. Yeah, it does. Beta 3.1 was released quite a while ago, so anything in it that is messed up is due to version transfers.
  7. Mini-Bump. Here is an update: We're currently wrapping it up right now. All the maps are in, and we have only 1 of the new weapons awaiting completion. We will still have to go back and fix any Texture issues that appeared when transferring to 0.97b. Here are a few more screenshots of several maps in Beta 3.1 (Which was released amongst the developers. Final Product may change) "Rozencrats" by Mechadon "The Edge of Existence" by Doom_Kid "E1M1337" by The Dos Guy "Cold Fusion" by Mechadon "The Impregnable Domain" by SiliconWolf Thats all for now. The release date should be announced some time soon. :D
  8. *Sigh* I only meant the Code for it. And anyways, I never did criticiz Sausage. I did not really care a whole lot. He should've at least said I had made it is all I'm saying. I at least credit people that I get stuff from. And if Cory returned, wouldn't he haved to be pissed at plenty more people than just me? Many others have used many of his sprites and the like.
  9. I do apologize, Weasel, about the Stranger Sniper Rifle. I was lazy and just decided to grab it's code for now. I intend to change it later (maybe so you have to chamber a round manually?) The Knifes are not full copys. It is well modified. By holding the Primary, you perform a melee attack, but tapping it throws a knife. The secondary is a block. But, in any case, I apologize for these too. Other than those things, everything else has been coded by me or gravly modified. The only exception would be the .357 Magnum that Chaos Central made, and that is because at that time I did not quite understand how the state labels and things worked in Decorate. Otherwise, I could have easily coded it myself. And the ICD weapons were entirly coded out by myself. I never even cared to look at the DDF File(s) for ICD Because I hadn't understood them (Although I do now.) If they appear very close, or the same, then it was coincidence.
  10. Wait, are you mad at me or Sausage?
  11. No he didn't. And I would be forced to say no as those sprites (or at least not ALL of them) are legal in use. Those scripts were all hand written by me. (Except the RolePlay stuff is based off jallamann's RP script. But it is so Heavily modified, the only thing left may be a few outlines. I also recieve permission.) You should have asked first. (Also, the spells are there because now that ZDoom has Custom Classes, there are classes that can use them.) 100GunsX was meant to just be a weapons mod, that also adds many features. One thing about it is that you can choose what you want to use in the mod. For example, all the key binds were optional. You did not have to use anything if you chose. Anyways, I suggest you don't steal my work again please. And anyways, the ACS Source codes are going public the next release. You may as well wait until then and then you can modifiy it as needed. Also, you have to credit me for them.
  12. Hey, I have been mapping for a long time, but I do not know how to: 1. use the Y auto alighnment tool (what button in 3D mode?) 2. In one of the screenshots of DB, I see a panel that shows all the script functions. How do u display that? Thx for your help. -Theshooter7