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  1. Cobain's Ghost

    Doom Builder Line Size Issues

    I am trying to make a 128*32 square as instructed in a Doom Builder tutorial, but I can't get any smaller than 64, how do I make these smaller lines?
  2. Cobain's Ghost

    Double UZI

    Does anyone know if there is a WAD to get the double pistols and double UZI from Doom Raider into ZDOOM?
  3. Cobain's Ghost

    Custom Sprites

    This is really starting to bug me. Whenever I get a level with custom sprites for ZDoom (e.g. UAC Labs) it won't work for some reason. I think I have to do something with a "command line" but I have no idea what one is. Can anyone help?
  4. Cobain's Ghost

    Reccomended downloads?

    Yeah, probably. I discovered what ZDOOM does so am currently downloading that, so thats a start, once it's installed I'll take a look at what else I need. Thanks.
  5. Cobain's Ghost

    Reccomended downloads?

    I am desperately trying to get a level editor for Doom, but the one I tried (Doombuilder) didn't work. Do I need the ZDOOM thing? If so what is it and where do I get it? Also I downloaded the UAC Labs levels but they didn't work, something about custom sprites. One last thing, I installed Skulltag (copied the doom.wad to the right place etc...) but it still won't let me play Doom online. Feel free to call me a n00b etc... if you are so inclined, but if you must, at least do so while answering the question. Cheers.