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  1. I like Rock/Heavy Meatl. But thats just me. Gothic? Rap? Pop? Classical? ect,ect ???? Forgot to add something: If you make your own maps.. 1. Do listen to music. 2. What type? I still chose Rock/Heavy Metal. It's my favorite type of music.
  2. LeaverAndrew

    Editing Question

    There is a file that came with Edmap...It's called Build.bat. It says edit this file to change nodes builders. I would like to change it to use the new BSP v5.1 Here is what the file says: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @echo off rem -------------------------------------------------------------- rem BUILD.BAT for EdMap v1.25+ (by Jeff Rabenhorst) rem rem Edit this file to use a different NODE-BUILDER rem rem Requires STUFFBUF.EXE to insert keystrokes into the buffer rem and NPXTEST.EXE to test whether a NPX (80x87) is availible rem and DOOM2WAD.EXE to convert PWAD map entries (DOOM1/DOOM2) rem -------------------------------------------------------------- if not "%1"=="" goto ONEPARAM error Missing WAD filename. goto TEXTDESC :ONEPARAM if "%1"=="/?" goto TEXTDESC if "%1"=="-?" goto TEXTDESC if exist %1.wad goto OKPARAMS error %1.WAD does not exist. goto TEXTDESC :OKPARAMS if exist build.tmp del build.tmp > nul copy %1.wad backup.wad > nul DOOM2WAD %1.WAD 0 WAD_DWD %1.WAD TMP.DWD echo . if errorlevel 1 goto BUILDFAILED erase %1.WAD echo Building BSP data... :BUILDNOW IDBSP TMP.DWD %1.WAD if errorlevel 1 goto BUILDFAILED echo ÿ DOOM2WAD %1.WAD %2 echo ÿ echo Finished building PWAD; %1.WAD is now playable. echo ÿ if "%4"=="" goto END STUFFBUF ! EDMAPCOM %3 %4 BUILT OK goto END :BUILDFAILED copy backup.wad %1.wad > nul if "%4"=="" goto FAILTEXT EDMAPCOM %3 %4 PLAYMAP=FALSE EDMAPCOM %3 %4 ERROR BuildFailed :FAILTEXT echo BUILD FAILED! echo PWAD RESTORED goto END :NONPX if "%4"=="" goto NONPXTEXT EDMAPCOM %3 %4 PLAYMAP=FALSE EDMAPCOM %3 %4 ERROR NoNPX :NONPXTEXT echo BUILD FAILED! echo No NPX (80x87) present for builder. goto END :TEXTDESC echo ÿ echo BUILD.BAT echo PWAD node-builder (builds BSP data for maps) echo ÿ echo format: BUILD filename echo ex: BUILD C:\DOOM\PWADS\CASTLE echo ÿ goto END :END rem -------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone that can tell me what to change and where would be helpful!
  3. LeaverAndrew

    What type of music goes good with DOOM?

    Yea Primus is cool...But in Doom I really haven't tried it.. Maybe I will. But one band that really goes good with DOOM, IMO (manily the later epsiodes)is Cratle of Filth.
  4. LeaverAndrew

    What type of music goes good with DOOM?

    yea I like the regular Doom Music too.
  5. LeaverAndrew

    What type of music goes good with DOOM?

    Fear Factory is what I mostly listen to when I play DOOM but sometimes i go for Mud Vayne, Sepultura, and Even Primus--> even though thats very rare..
  6. LeaverAndrew

    Timelessness Fixed!

    Well I fixed Timelessness. It turns out that the map had three bad sectors in the map. But all I had to do was take them out. Now the map works again and I have made some good progress on it. It should be ready soon. Now I would like to say that the map will look somewhat plain...Thats what I ment it to look...That's the point of the map. Well just want to spread the word that the map is fixed!
  7. LeaverAndrew

    New BSP

    Just DLed it...Works good for me :)
  8. LeaverAndrew


    So in other words..Timelessness will be redone...There is nothing wrong with the map...Just Edmap. and this problem most likely can't be fixed.
  9. LeaverAndrew

    Redesigned With No Time

    Bandwidth I'm not going to even start that again... *G*
  10. LeaverAndrew

    Redesigned With No Time

    Dark? Opps..I guess they are...Well I never was anygood at taking screenshots. Sorry all! :)
  11. LeaverAndrew

    Blast From The Past

    Like many people have already said... Let him back Ling. There I feel better now... 0_0 *G*
  12. LeaverAndrew

    Timelessness (Like When Your Watch Breaks)

    HateFactor said: too bad FF broke up, one of my all time favorite bands =/ well on a side note, you all should download the song "timelessness" by them...very emotional... Yes..I have all their Cd's...They all kick ass! Yes it's a shame they broke up...But All good things must come to an end. And that is what they say is that..
  13. LeaverAndrew

    Timelessness (Like When Your Watch Breaks)

    Well then...I did not know that I was that good at game play... But does that mean the maps I make may not look to good but play well?
  14. LeaverAndrew

    Timelessness (Like When Your Watch Breaks)

    Well I hope I can do that... *G*
  15. LeaverAndrew

    Timelessness (Like When Your Watch Breaks)

    As you may notice the map looks alittle plian...Thats the way I ment it to look.. Just alittle FYI 0_0
  16. LeaverAndrew

    Most hated level in Doom1+2

    E2m9 is dull in the terms of detail..but It is a good challange to play if your a novice Doom player.. I don't hate the map but I don't really like it either..
  17. LeaverAndrew

    Doom 3 Cleans Up

    Well I'm not shocked by any of this..DOOM III WILL kick ass! Nuff Said...
  18. LeaverAndrew

    Most hated level in Doom1+2

    [QUOTE]footman said: LeaverAndrew babbled I'm sorry I don't babble!
  19. LeaverAndrew

    Leaver On The Move

    It's Doomcenter....Thats where I was hosted at before...but not anymore.
  20. LeaverAndrew

    Most hated level in Doom1+2

    The DOOM 1 map i Hate is: e2m7 Spawning Vats The DOOM 2 map i Hate is: map 23 Barrels O' Fun
  21. LeaverAndrew

    Deus Ex Machina? to continue or not to?

    So I can ass+u+me that I should not only keep the map but finish it??? Ok Hmm, Well my new map will look like one of the orginal DOOM maps Well in some places anyway.
  22. #1 Did you know that I was not going to realese Deus Ex Machina? Because It has to many errors? 2nd part is..Do you care for me to finish it or should I just Delete it?
  23. LeaverAndrew

    Monster, munitions, items and keys

    Yes A pump-action Shotgun would be better.. IMO anyway...
  24. LeaverAndrew

    No Hope For Life

    Does No Hope For Life Deserve any of the fame it has gotten?
  25. LeaverAndrew

    Monster, munitions, items and keys

    I wonder why the could not have a skill level like NIGHTMARE but where the monsters don't respawn...They still attack really fast. Hmm Just wonderning.