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  1. RandomMarine

    Skulltag 97D-Beta 3 Released

    You might want this if you haven't got it already. And boy, that's a pretty long changelog there, the novelty with skulltag features seem to wear off pretty quick though.
  2. RandomMarine

    Knee-Deep in ZDoom, Co-op Style

    I don't know what everyone's gripe is about the lack of ammo, there were at least two berserk packs in almost every map, then again I go nuts with them being able to take down several barons with the fist without getting hit. Pretty much the only things that managed to get me down to less than 50% health were hitscan enemies, mainly shotgunners that got a shot in before I did the ol' rip and tear and of course chaingunners.
  3. RandomMarine

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Finally, downloading at the moment, gon see if it's worth the wait. Also fp on KDiZD release.
  4. RandomMarine

    Skulltag 0.97d available for testing

    And how long ago was that? *Being serious, have not checked the site out in forever.*
  5. RandomMarine

    Skulltag 97D Preview

    Too bad the community turned worse than zdaemon's when 97b came out.
  6. RandomMarine

    Doom remake coming to the Nintendo Wii?

    "Older brands" also includes wolfenstein. Perhaps even Commander Keen.
  7. RandomMarine

    Much OBLIGEd

    So... SLIGE, now with raven games and fresh air.
  8. RandomMarine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #299

    Wow, /newstuff argument in record time. I hope someone decent reviews #300. Like any of the people who did october 2006's /newstuffs.
  9. RandomMarine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #297

    Wow, why the hell is something like the day the community died in the normal list when the archives are doomed is in the goddamn shithouse?
  10. RandomMarine

    An Ode To Mex

    I like my resolutions high thank you very much.
  11. RandomMarine

    An Ode To Mex

    Hurray for menus with no game play! Also: fp.
  12. RandomMarine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #292

    Great, More Ni'mrod bfg buggyness. Oh and fp.
  13. RandomMarine

    Sounds like a winning strategy

    Ahh, good old GamePro magazine and your obvious tips.
  14. RandomMarine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #290

    I believe it more referenced untitled.wad with a little hint of dwforums.
  15. RandomMarine

    360 Degrees of Doom

    Hey, they kept the ouchface bug in it. I'm happy.