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  1. SoldierOfFortune

    Words cannot describe how angry I am. My WAD glitched beyond repair.

    Yes, I'm certain. In fact, less than a minute after I realized what happened I thought "I really should have backed up my file".
  2. My WAD was going well, it seemed. I had been working hard the past week or so and I was playtesting what I had already done. I notice my rocket goes through a wall in the gazebo. No big deal, I think. I tried to fix it in WadAuthor, but no matter what I did with sectors and linedefs I couldn't fix it without rebuilding the area from scratch. So I click Check Map... Dozens of missing textures. I think "All right, I've got my work cut out for me." I select a room motif to make my life a bit easier, and fix them all and save. I go to playtest my level, and behold: All kinds of height problems that weren't there before. Raised sections became flat. Platforms under lava. The southern cross I had worked so feverishly on to get right became unrecognizable. Entire sections of floor had been replaced by horribly-placed warp3 textures. The entire second floor was a giant mess. I realized there was no way I would ever find, track down, and correct all these glitches, so I deleted the WAD. 70-some hours of hard work, gone down the toilet. In other words, KISS MY ASS WADAUTHOR!
  3. SoldierOfFortune

    Do you have all the doom games?

    I've got Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Doom 64, GBA Doom (something I seriously regret doing), and Doom 3.
  4. I'm making a WAD (duh) and some of my areas are...well...lacking; they're plain and don't have enough to make them interesting. So if anyone has any ideas as to how I can improve these rooms, I'd appreciate it. Keep in mind that the ammunition and monsters come later. http://img474.imageshack.us/img474/6421/doom00009rz.jpg I just don't think there's enough stuff for a room this size. http://img349.imageshack.us/img349/2042/doom00015sx.jpg This garden area lacks decoration; there's only so much I can do with 3 different kinds of plant scenery.
  5. SoldierOfFortune

    How do I play custom WAD files with ZDoom?

    I want to take screenshots of a WAD I'm making, but when I run ZDoom it launches me straight to the title screen without letting me select a WAD. How do I get that option?
  6. SoldierOfFortune

    First level ever!

    Ah, I see now; I was confused because URLs don't normally contain spaces. It's excellent for a first attempt, but I think you should either brighten it up a bit or add some light-amp goggles.
  7. SoldierOfFortune

    If you could be any of the enemies from doom...

    Well I was assuming (yes, I know what they say about that) that you'd keep all of your memories and such. You claimed the imp could learn to talk, so I don't see why an SS Soldier would have problems saying things other than "mein lieben".
  8. SoldierOfFortune

    If you could be any of the enemies from doom...

    Did you consider the SS Soldier? Aside from people thinking you're a neo-nazi (which could be partially solved by a change of clothes), I don't see a problem.
  9. SoldierOfFortune

    First level ever!

    I can't see your screenshots; the link seems broken. This is just a suggestion, but you may want to host them at http://www.imageshack.us; it's an excellent image hosting site.
  10. What are some of the minor things that add fun and charm to this game? One of my most fond is seeing a lost soul charging at me, blasting it with a shotgun and watching it stop, then blasting it again and killing it.
  11. SoldierOfFortune

    First level ever!

    I suppose you could use http://www.megaupload.com, but it's one of the slowest sites I've ever seen. You could make a Yahoo account and host them on Geocities. Or, you could bite the bullet and use /Newstuff. Okay, those aren't the greatest solutions but that's all I can think of. EDIT: Also, it generally isn't a good idea to release your first level, or your fifth, or your twelfth. But if you really think this is good enough for public release, I won't stop you.
  12. SoldierOfFortune

    Remote doors in WadAuthor, how?

    Finally got those blasted things to work. Again, thanks to all who helped. I'll be sure to get this WAD done and released.
  13. SoldierOfFortune

    Remote doors in WadAuthor, how?

    Sorry this is so much trouble, and thanks to everyone who's helping. Could someone tell me the difference between W1, WR, S1, and SR in the prefixes?
  14. SoldierOfFortune

    ****ing doors!

    What editor are you using? If it's WadAuthor, I can tell you.
  15. SoldierOfFortune

    Remote doors in WadAuthor, how?

    Thanks for the help so far, but my remote doors still don't work. Here's a screenshot, if that helps: http://img382.imageshack.us/img382/7803/stupidwauthour4xb.png The sectors circled in red are the doors that are supposed to open, and the yellow sector is the one that's supposed to trigger them when entered. Some more info: -The remote doors show up yellow in the tab map -Their construction is that of a normal door, with a floor and ceiling both at 0 height -I am using the W1 open type -I've tried tagging the sectors together in as many ways as I could think of.