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  1. Why You Chose The Username You Did

    "I like Doom and Godzilla. How can I convey these interests in a username?" Seconds later: "This sucks. Let's roll with it." (I could change it now, but we'll see. Not committed to a new one yet.)
  2. I'd still like to be part of the project, but I've had other demands on my time and energy this month (mostly schoolwork). If you or anyone else would like to tune up my work, go ahead. You're also welcome to discard my work. That would not offend me.
  3. Took a first pass at each of my tracks. You should see "Super Mecha HG," "Black Colossus" and "I Sacrifice" in this folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/72q4sk9dhwui35m/AABRNsTm98-Mukx96mgv_5mSa?dl=0 Didn't have any atypical challenges with Map28's music. Map20 makes me feel indecisive, though. I've done my best, but striking the proper tone has been tough. (Remember, this is the brown castle level with a giant, fleshy X hiding a Romero head.) As for Map14, I adapted "Super Mecha HG" from, well, a rather unlikely source:
  4. I'd like to claim Map20. My track for 14 is coming along, but I've had some false starts with 28. I'm hoping to turn things around with that one soon - if not, I'll relinquish the slot.
  5. Good thing I checked this board today. I figured sooner or later, I was gonna have to suggest a Fragport MIDI Pack. Revolution! is a great choice, too, though. I'd like to take on Map14 and Map28.
  6. What hasn't been done yet?

    Juat a few random ideas: A cave monastery. Vardzia in Georgia is the real-world example I have in mind. Granted, popping in and out of similar-looking rooms might prove boring quickly. A massive underground river. We've seen underground rivers of lava in Doom before, but gigantic ones of water are, to my knowledge, rare or nonexistent. I'd be happy to see some examples. A music venue where a concert's on. On the one hand, it stretches plausibility that a band would still play where hellspawn are near. On the other hand, who gives a shit? More settings from fantasy literature/TV/movies. Except for Wheel of Time Doom, and some WADs based on parts of Middle-Earth, I haven't seen too many. I think the Conan story "Tower of the Elephant" would make for a good short map.
  7. Favourite IWAD Doom music tracks

    If I don't limit myself to 5 per game, I'll be here just a tad too long. Doom: text screen music, E1M2, E1M9, E2M4, E2M8 Doom II: Map04, Map07, Map09, Map18, Map30 TNT: Map04, Map08, Map16, Map20, Map31 And out of those, I'd pick D1's text music, D2 Map30, and TNT Map16 as my top 3.
  8. Will Doom 4 have music like Doom 1 and 2?

    I don't know if that video points toward Doom. I agree with you there. I find it interesting, though, that his banner image on Twitter is the revenant. And apparently, he worked on the "Call of Doom 4" iteration and leaked a couple of tracks from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lPnu5jOmII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeCIzcGcCjk I hope he's still attached. I feel he should be. The leaked tracks don't give us much to work with - just a couple of short ambient pieces - but considering some of his other output, I'm not bothered.
  9. Will Doom 4 have music like Doom 1 and 2?

    These are pretty close to my feelings. The other thing is that the Doom and Doom II soundtracks have been remixed and reinterpreted to death, so doing yet another remix - even for an official sequel - seems like a waste of a composer's talents. They'd have to find a fresh angle on them to catch my interest. That said, going off of what very little we've seen now, a soundtrack in the vein of the classics seems reasonable. For a specific composer, I'm thinking Mick Gordon: he's done wonders for the Killer Instinct soundtrack, not only in reinterpreting the classic themes, but in creating catchy new ones. This one wouldn't sound out of place in Doom (aside from the girls' chanting, perhaps):
  10. So Bad It's Good Songs

    Somebody got disco in my Tolkien. And you know what, I'm surprisingly okay with it:
  11. Horror mods/TC-s for doom engine

    That does sound pretty compelling. I've downloaded it, so I'll give it a shot when it's light out. Took a look at that Rootpain WAD that SCT linked. Or rather, I read the thread and watched Xaser's video on it. Between the WAD and the thread, it's like a creepypasta played out in real life - for better and worse. I regret spoiling myself and not playing it before diving into the controversy. On a side note (and somewhat off-topic), I'm starting to wish Hellcore Map32 had been properly finished. I know it was integrated into that one level in 2.0, but on its own, it had massive potential.
  12. Horror mods/TC-s for doom engine

    I've never played this one, so I'm curious. What makes it so unsettling? I'm tempted to try and find it, but knowing its association with terrywads doesn't imbue me with much confidence in its quality.
  13. I find the original track to be fairly gloomy and a little unsettling. But the only version I've heard that actually creeps me out is the 32X version. You might fault it for the off-key guitar or the drums, but the fact that it sounds so wrong is a boon in some ways, IMO.
  14. This sounds like Facing the Spider (e3m8)

    Afraid not - which reminds me that I simply wrote "name" instead of "band name" in that post. Whoops. :P
  15. This sounds like Facing the Spider (e3m8)

    I know for a fact that, maybe a year or two ago, somebody posted the song that E1M3 is really based on. It was an industrial rock song, but I can't remember the title or band name, and I can't find the thread in which it was posted.