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  1. Hellish Godzilla

    Mortal Kombat 11

    As far as the song in the trailer goes, I think the instrumental would've worked decently, but the rapping doesn't do it any favours. It just sounds too languid. Other than that, MK11 looks promising. I appreciate the turn from MKX's muted colour palette to a more vibrant one. That was always a sticking point, for as much as I enjoyed MKX otherwise. The time travel/timeline shenanigans should make for an interesting story, particularly if Raiden goes on a rampage. And this looks like the perfect game to include Spawn and the Doom Slayer as guests, but maybe I won't hold my breath waiting for them.
  2. Hellish Godzilla

    Which game's soundtrack is your favorite?

    I'll do my best to quickly explain my choices while I'm at it. Civilization III (wide range of styles and instruments, as well as some highly memorable tracks) Dragon Ball FighterZ (hot take: it's a cut above the average Guilty Gear and Blazblue soundtrack) Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (nostalgia plays into it, but it's just a good SNES fighting game OST) Hacknet (it helps make typing on command lines feel cool, professional and edgy all at once) Jill of the Jungle (sets a great tone of adventure and danger, but the real highlight is Peaks, which sounds beautiful) Killer Instinct (2013) (Mick Gordon rules. But Celldweller and Atlas Plug did a good job in Season 3, especially with Eagle's Theme) Morrowind (some of the best adventuring music ever) Poly Bridge (just some pleasant acoustic guitar tracks. I can listen to them pretty much anywhere.) Skyrim (some great battle and exploration music) Soulcalibur II (one of the best fighting game soundtracks ever, full of striking orchestral music) Street Fighter Alpha 3 (more rhythmic and less melodic than other SF OSTs, but that adds to the appeal) Super Street Fighter II Turbo (compact and highly memorable compositions--the characters themes are all classics for good reason)
  3. Hellish Godzilla


  4. Hellish Godzilla

    Random Image Thread

  5. We could, perhaps, play with the definition of Cacowards: 1. Awards shaped like big-mouthed floating thingies 2. Wards (districts) inhabited by big-mouthed floating thingies
  6. Worth noting, in case any of you are curious: if you go to cacowards.com right now, you'll be taken straight to the Cacowards main page, and if you go to cacoworld.com, you'll arrive at the forums.
  7. For the moment, I'll throw my support behind Cacoworld. Aside from the reasons @Skeletonpatch listed, it's also just a similar name to Doomworld. That similarity could have a few net benefits: reducing confusion when people try to look up this site (compared to switching to a completely different name like Tei Tenga), shaving off a few seconds when updating some of the branding, etc. I suppose those are small considerations, but they push me toward Cacoworld as an option.
  8. Hellish Godzilla

    What are you listening to?

    Would've been nice to have this track included in the Galaxy Edition soundtrack, but oh well.
  9. Hellish Godzilla

    What are you listening to?

    Might want to turn down your volume first:
  10. Hellish Godzilla

    What are you listening to?

    Taste the back of my crystal fist!
  11. Hellish Godzilla

    What are you listening to?

    This thread has now been blessed by JET JAGUAR
  12. Hellish Godzilla

    What are you listening to?

  13. Hellish Godzilla

    What are you listening to?

    Steam says I've played 69 hours of Civ III. Nice -- just like this track.
  14. Hellish Godzilla

    What are you listening to?

    RIP, Mark Shelton of Manilla Road. His voice was one of the most distinctive in metal; on top of that, he sure knew how to play guitar. A fantastic musical storyteller. He has a guest spot on this Battleroar track, which (as part of the whole album) was released just last month.
  15. Hellish Godzilla

    What are you listening to?

    Your government hates you. (Also, I appreciate that KMFDM is still around. I should probably dig into their full discography.)