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  1. XWE can let me make custom textures, custom sounds, and custom sprites? Can it also let me change the behaviour of weapons or enemies?
  2. I wuz wondering if Wintex was the best choice to do wad editing for like...weapon sprites,weapon sounds, enemy sprites, enemy sounds. If its not could you point me towards a better and easier to use editor that is compatible with Windows XP? If Wintex is the best editor where can i find some simple tutorials to get me started? Also I am having problems installing Wintex. It tells me to put the following files in a Wintex directory: Wintex.exe, lbwintex.dll, threed.vbx, deusf.exe, and wintex.ini . I have all those files except for threed.vbx. Wintex wont start because of this. where is threed. vbx. Also it says something about Visual Basic. What is that for? Thx for ur time and ur help.