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  1. stealthredneck

    Trapped - Single Level Wad

    ill be sure to stash em on my harddrive! ^_^ I'll probabley laugh when i go to play themn a year from now, or even a few months! Give it a go sometime, it's a kinda fun map, that is, if you didn't already see where the real key is >_< hehe Stealth
  2. stealthredneck

    Room Darkening

    I have a really neat single level wad file, you go into these hallways, the door shuts and stays locked behind ya, and the lights go out, but its 100% pitch black! Is there a action i could put on a line that would darken it to a point, but not all the way? Thanks, Stealth!
  3. stealthredneck

    Trapped - Single Level Wad

    well technically my second map, my first was a big empty room with a partially working lift and door ^_^
  4. stealthredneck

    Trapped - Single Level Wad

    hehe im new i told you! ill have to remember to do it mroe often. But you could always open console type "map traps" But hey, how bout some feedback!
  5. stealthredneck

    Protecting Wads From Editing

    haha good idea Enjay. thanks for the replies guys, i figured the answer would be no, but hey it was worth a shot! thanks, stealth
  6. stealthredneck

    Try my level! I need some feedback.

    i just thught id give it a shot before i went to bed, very cool. Although i didn't beat it, i kept barly surviving with 12health, then towards the end (i think) their were tons of imps, and the last on managed to get me. I'll have to try again tomorrow. I liked your switches, must have taken some time! goodjob. Stealth
  7. stealthredneck

    Trapped - Single Level Wad

    I'm pretty new to editing, but i made a little tricky single level wad. You have to get a blue skull to open the door that leads to your exit, but which hallway will you take? Careful, things arn't as obvious as they seem ^_^ P.S. The doors WILL shut behing you, you must shoot the back walls of each cubicle like section, one will open it. (The ones where the monsters are) http://rapidshare.de/files/10143803/J-Trapped.wad.html
  8. stealthredneck

    Protecting Wads From Editing

    Heh, a simple question really. I always make maps for my friends, and man i enjoy torturing him (lights turning off, doors shutting behind him) but he has a tendency now to open them up in doombuilder before playing them. Is their any way i could protect a .wad file from being editied or possible password? But still be able to actually play it? I'd imagine this would help other users with possible problems as well. Thanks,Stealth