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  1. I don't know if the first post and be edited or not, Ion Fury won't even playable after 0.7.x went to the JFDuke3d codebase for Duke3D, not EDuke32 codebase anymore. So IF cannot be run at all as it's needed advanced EDuke32 features.
  2. <inactive>Player Lin

    Why gzDoom doesnt autoupdate?

    Seriously, even EDuke32 tells you can download new "Synthesis (dev.) builds", you would still have to go EDuke32/Dukeworld site and download them(also the functions seems never works on my end so already disabled for long time. So just like others said, go the site and check if has update or not.
  3. <inactive>Player Lin

    Diablo 3

    My only problem with Diablo 3 is stupid Blizzard canceled the second expansion they promised. It still fun but just like Diablo 2 I just tired on everything and don't have enough time to keep playing them... :(
  4. <inactive>Player Lin

    The: "Games you haven't played before and you suddenly liked" Thread.

    Fallout: New Vegas and then Fallout 3. I never played Fallout series because I didn't like the style of old Fallout games, sadly(still never try them even now, I just don't like the play-style at all). Back to 2014, was got a free copy of FNV by ordering a copy of Wolfenstein:TNO from Gaming Dragons. Didn't redeem and install due I were busy on playing TNO and Skyrim, but weeks later I decided try FNV since I got it for free, I won't lose anything if I didn't like that too. And......now I stuck playing it and later bought Ultimate Edition and then Fallout 3 since then, and really like the FP Fallout games and their mods(expect 76, yeah I know it's not great game but I have interest, just didn't like the MMO style and not ready to try it unless I can get a free copy or something like that to try).
  5. <inactive>Player Lin

    Are there Duke Nukem 3D wads?

    I have fps limiter(MSI Afterburner, always limit on 60fps) not sure if it helps but I don't care that as I almost never using that port... Already years past before Bobby's lawsuit happens and still no big deal happens, just some crossover things that I don't care much, so I do not see anything would change even Gearbox have all the Duke rights for real. (With Scott Miller, it's hard to say anything...but we'll see...)
  6. <inactive>Player Lin

    Are there Duke Nukem 3D wads?

    I already get used to Classic and Polymost so just don't have too much interest on that polymer-like renderer... Yeah, no patches for console version, really nice job for treat your customers, Shovelware. The whole WT port just so lazy...new maps from original authors won't saved this poor shit... Well, DN3D was not going to like this but the new 3DR just f***ed it up so now Duke just stuck at hell forever. :( I were playing WT port at 800x600 and have no any input lag problem, I haven't try higher resolutions so I don't know...
  7. <inactive>Player Lin

    Are there Duke Nukem 3D wads?

    While Redneckerz and Can't play on Nightmare already said their reasons, I still say what I think. Also I actually meant the port itself, not the new levels. Well, the EP5 levels just OK, but you have to see them separately, since they're just random locations without continuity like original all 4 episodes. If you see them as whole episode, that will looks like Duke just randomly going(or teleport) somewhere of Earth which is weird to me. But, I still enjoy most of levels, but silly new enemies(Firefly not so special, new mini-bosses were already exist on usermaps, and they tend suicide due to level geography) and new weapons can't help......and the worse thing is the ****ing final boss of EP5...what a joke. The new renderer is fine to me but nothing special too...and most importantly, the port only received one official update and then nothing happened at all. They still leave a lot of bugs never fixed at all(sound problems, engine glitches etc.)...and Gearbox Shovelware never cares. As a hardcore Duke3D fan(or Duke fan but I only play few Duke games), I'm seriously considering about I won't or never give them any of my money, even they finally do something about Duke for real, which nobody know when or even give any shit about that at all. :(
  8. <inactive>Player Lin

    The story behind your custom avatar

    A nameless character of Knight class(Fighter's advanced class) from Korea game comapny Nexon's MMORPG : Asgard(Full name--Dark Ages VI: Asgard, Dark Ages was other MMORPG by Nexon too, the International version of the game still exist now as I know. Asgard was be set as Dark Ages' sequel, aka the 6th chapter.) Most oversea people won't know about this game as never go outside from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. The design was very old(from early 2000s) and more realistic, they later changed design to more "cute-ish" style because the dev. team was disband about mid-2000s or something(I forgot). Years later Nexon regrouped the team and changed a lot of things, but other (locale) versions were shut down long ago even re-opened by different importer but due to quality and management problems then shut down again. Only original Korea version of game still exist today. Reference wallpaper found from the old game site via Wayback Machine, I forgot where the source picture I have for my avatar, maybe from some Taiwanese site or the old official site of Taiwan version that already gone.(2,304.05 KB BMP file) I also use my avatar for my other social media profile picture and my Steam profile but since I'm lazy so maybe not all my social media/forum profile will use.
  9. <inactive>Player Lin

    Hell on Icannar: Old Nuclear Plant

    Solid gameplay, good'ol old-school style design, monster placement just standard, I don't have much to complain. Maybe a little short but for the first completed level by the author I would say it's nice. Oh, and it rarely to see some female DooMer did mapping. 4/5 (For some reasons, the reviewer of T/nc #442 mistakenly used "his" to reference the author in the review, I guess the culprit would be "RTFTextfile". :P)
  10. <inactive>Player Lin


    The idea of this map are good and it's would be fun when playing multiplayer sessions with this map. Whole map just good enough and with some structures and obstructions to stop monsters' attack. Not really feel good with have to jump back to the teleport room with jumppad as sometimes when shit get busy, it would caused accident deaths if missed the door. But I suck at it, hitscan monsters can take you down if not careful, sadly I'm with the reviewer from T/nc #442: I feel bored after just few minutes, but I can see if you're fan of this style of gameplay, you can have good time with this. 4/5
  11. <inactive>Player Lin

    Waste Processing Station

    Looks like the beginner-level of map. It's fine to play, even UV(but lack of health pickup so careful when running around). I only found interesting in this WAD is those secrets...some of them needed rocket jumping but I sucked at that so just noclip-ed, one of secret near the start area needed crouch to get it, was feel like playing HL for that reason. Also the polyobject secret seems has visual glitch in latest GZDooM, not sure if intended or not. A map can be played if you're boring or want to play something not so heavy, but do not expect much. 2/5
  12. <inactive>Player Lin


    I know most of DooM ports do automatic detection for IWADs. But I tend copy game datas to the port as it's my habit to copy game data from any digital distributions' directory to the source port directory as sometimes it helps my trouble-shooting when the port stop working. (I use ZDL as launcher for my installed DooM sourceports and my GZDooM directory as my main DooM thing directory so IWADs are there, and I just point that path.) Again, nothing to do with GZDooM or other DooM ports, it just my habit when deal with game data and source ports.
  13. <inactive>Player Lin

    Anyone here used MAME

    I'm not using MAME(the official release), just using MAMEUI fork for playing some old arcade games I like.
  14. <inactive>Player Lin

    PC-98 Doom

    Just point this sentence. Even Kingformation Co. LTD. was infamous did some nasty "pirate-style" business(like their unofficial Dragon Quest 1+2 and 3 port for PC MS-DOS, and "copy" some ideas from other famous Japanese games to their own developed games), it didn't counted them as pirate game distributor(we actually called "pirate software(s) distributor" to those nasty distributors who put "shitload of full version of games/programs/videos/AVs/whatever else" in a/few disks/CDs/DVDs and they still exist in today...just sell some education things...), most Taiwan game companies almost doing similar shit back that time, even famous companies/game studios too(normally nobody knows, because won't officially being told)...well, if you want strict to say it could be true but it may not really accurate. And most pirate distributors won't be know what they actually are until being found by police. But yeah, even with official license, pirated DooM games still around in the the island, it won't help at all, and even worse, Japanese and Chinese were not huge fan of first person shooter back then, and violence games tend not good from parents' point of view, it just niche enough to have some fans. (FPSes get so famous in Taiwan was back when Half-Life : Counter-Strike happened, but even that, most of gamers never heard about other FPSes but only CS. Still, did improved some fans base and getting better with games like Halo, CoD, Battlefield and other games.)
  15. <inactive>Player Lin

    Random level generators for FPS games?

    Speaking in-game level/world generator... TES 2:Daggerfall's world is random generated. Also, all Shadow Warrior 2 mission levels are random generated too, and both are buggy at some degree.
  16. <inactive>Player Lin

    Random level generators for FPS games?

    RotT 1995 did had a official random level generator called RANDROTT.EXE on CD version of the game as bonus.
  17. <inactive>Player Lin

    What happened to that Commander Keen Reboot?

    It's hard to say that backlash do or do not affect the install value. But it already seems very badly when it was showed to public, I saw that...it just something totally way, way, way different...even I'm not fan of Commander Keen...I can sense this game won't so successful but that was unexpected.
  18. <inactive>Player Lin

    What happened to that Commander Keen Reboot?

    https://www.vg247.com/2020/06/29/commander-keen-mobile-vanished/ https://www.gamereactor.eu/commander-keen-reboot-seems-to-have-been-cancelled/ Who knows, they may still try to "fix" that or just canceled the project(as related site and social media are already gone). It's possible they think the reboot just didn't worked and just cut it.
  19. <inactive>Player Lin

    Are there Duke Nukem 3D wads?

    If someone want to play Episode 5 from the shitty WT port, use latest EDuke32 and the WT Compatibility stopgap addon. Now it supports new weapon and enemies.(I don't think Raze supported that yet, not sure, please correct me if I'm wrong. Graf said Raze supports, but you need stopgap too.) Unless you don't own WT and do not want to support Gearbox Shovelware for their sloppy port and other reasons. :P
  20. <inactive>Player Lin

    Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes

    Sadly, unlike CZ DS, Ritual didn't survived after not sell enough of SiN Episode 1 and became a casual game company. (It counts as closed/defunct as all of original Ritual devs were left after acquired by MumboJumbo.) It was 2:00AM and I want to sleep so I just found a source by google and didn't care about it's Fandom or something else. :P I know you're kidding but...well...now I tried google-ing but didn't other wiki pages have the same amount of info like Fandom...unless I missed something. Oh, the Combine Overwiki do not have any CS information, and their network(Valve Wiki Network) didn't had CS wiki. Offtopic: for some games, Fandom is the only one you can have more information sadly...hell, even The Vault wiki(The Fallout wiki was separated from the Fandom version long ago) has been merged back to Nukapedia wiki(fandom) because of reasons, like Gamepedia(host of The Vault wiki) now owned by the company who owned Fandom, and lack of active editors...so sometimes you still have to use Fandom for some of your not-famous enough games.
  21. <inactive>Player Lin

    Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes

    https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/Counter-Strike:_Condition_Zero_(Ritual_Entertainment_design) The Deleted Scene was scrapped part of CS:CZ that was Ritual Entertainment's work before the project transferred to Turtle Rock Studios, and then Valve polished them. It was not meant for part of released CS:CZ but still, Valve saved them and released as Deleted Scenes since most of missions already finished. === TBH, I prefer Ritual's CZ DS more than the TRS's CZ, yeah TRS's CZ have more things compared to old CS and new bot system but...I felt its single player mission/system just sucked, and make me to play CS 1.6 instead if I want play CS. Although the DS missions were buggy and some missions didn't fun to play.
  22. <inactive>Player Lin

    The Legend of the Seven Paladins 3D (1994). GDX port version.

    Even it's on joking level, both words still have slightly aggressive to some of us so better avoid that. :P Well, fighting games in Taiwan still good enough of player base, but mostly for SF, DoA and MK, other games like KoF or SS may not be known to younger players as they were not many new games these years but still well known for older players.
  23. <inactive>Player Lin

    The Legend of the Seven Paladins 3D (1994). GDX port version.

    *sigh* I personally don't like both words but whatever, I just don't want/don't have time to touch that shitfest behind them... :| Not many of company in Taiwan likely doing FPSes, only very little and mostly fell into obscurity, FPSes was niche market even Wolf3D/DooM/Duke3D/Quake was known by many players on Taiwan. Also, it's uncleanly the dev. of Lot7P was from Taiwan or HK... but still since the game was released for both (and with some rumors related the dev.) so well, it counts.
  24. <inactive>Player Lin

    The Legend of the Seven Paladins 3D (1994). GDX port version.

    I don't have too much time to check right now but just roughly look the document(English version)...well, found some of mis-spells(and just changed) but I think since you have the original source reference links listed, and they should be helps for checking those mis-spelled Chinese names if you really pay attention...hell, even the document name even mis-spelled too... "The legend of seven palladins", you have extra "l" when spells Paladin. :P At least nice document for that, I made some small changes, the major one problem is have a Russian text line on the end of page 3. And somebody has very fluent of English grammar should review these texts with source links since I feel some "copy'n'paste and/or translate problems in it...I just don't have too much time for that, sorry.
  25. <inactive>Player Lin


    Actually it's solid(gameplay) level, yeah...silly me missed the shotgun by found a secret way into deep inside and found a room with pinkys and hell baron...it's tough when deal with them with chaingun but at least monster infighting helped. Some secrets are tricky to get and reward well. Too bad misaligned textures everywhere, but considering the author just new on mapping and with solid gameplay, good enough placement and helpful but hard to find of secrets so I think it's fine. 4/5