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  1. Kristian Nebula

    Pinkie case regarding other demons from the game.

    Pinky has a funny look, yeah but I like it nontheless. I found it quite true to the original design actually. DOOM 2016 codex describes them being eaten by other demons as a delicasy, that's why the armor I think so they have a bit of protection against its comrades trying to eat them. :D
  2. Kristian Nebula

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Looking good! :)
  3. I do hope they will include Ultra Nightmare for Eternal, too! :)
  4. Kristian Nebula

    DVII Second Edition underway. It's time!

    Very impressive!
  5. Kristian Nebula

    Excited For Eternal?

    Very much. Saw this on reddit:
  6. So I bumped into this on today: "Scientists have said they are a step closer to finding the first effective treatments for the Ebola virus after two potential drugs showed survival rates of as much as 90 percent in a clinical trial in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two experimental drugs - Regeneron's REGN-EB3 and a monoclonal antibody called mAb114 - were both developed using antibodies harvested from survivors of Ebola infection. They showed better results in patients in a trial of four potential treatments being conducted during the world's second-largest Ebola outbreak in history, now entering its second year in the DRC. "Moving forward, these are the only drugs that future patients will be treated with," the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement released on Monday." Whole article can be read here: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/08/scientists-hail-promise-effective-ebola-treatments-190812182009734.html
  7. Kristian Nebula

    What are you listening to?

    Crazy Russian psytrance by the talented Nikita Tselovalnikov
  8. Hugo Martin congratulated me on facebook group "the Doomyard", which used to be the Doomworld group after I posted a screenshot of completing the campaign on UNM the first time, and later he told me in a private message that none of their employees could do it at Id. :)
  9. Kristian Nebula

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whispers of Satan

    A small bit of trivia: MAP22 was the last map created for the megawad, and I made the remix by myself. There is a secret room that has weird floating heads and a guy on a bicycle. The heads are the logo of the psybient band Shpongle and the guy on the bicycle is Albert Hofmann, the swiss scientist who created the psychedelic drug LSD and accidently dosed himself with it and bicycled home when the drug hit him hard. The whole area is a sort of a tribute for creativity, since LSD contributed to various big inventions of our time and had a fair deal in the creation of computers and therefore, indirectly also DOOM. :D
  10. Kristian Nebula

    Dream I had

    What a priceless, awesome dream! :D
  11. Kristian Nebula

    What are you listening to?

  12. What a delightful debate I see going on here. Shall we roll the dice? I'll take bets and 50% commission :)
  13. Kristian Nebula

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whispers of Satan

    I'm very grateful for all the comments :) In retrospect, I was going through very tough time in my life when creating WOS, and it was a way to forget what was going on. My girlfriend was in the hospital after a serious accident which later claimed her life and I'm sure it reflects on some of the work done there. Hell maps were mostly done after her death so things were already getting easier after that long time she was in the hospital waiting to die. Horrible story but also the best thing that happened to me. Made me a very strong person and helped me to realize that nothing lasts in life so try to make the most of it, and the limits we might have are only in the mind! :)
  14. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    Really nice!
  15. Kristian Nebula

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    I think the total energy consumption of Bitcoin now is about the same as the energy consumption of Las Vegas. Another reason why I like XRP is that it uses very little electricity compared to Bitcoin and even VISA. EDIT. this chart is from May 2019, from this blog post: https://xrpcommunity.blog/introduction-to-xrp-2019-edition/