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  1. Kristian Nebula

    Brotherhood of Ruin: 2023 Supercharged Edition

    @HaKx What a surprise! I didn't expect to see you here. What's it been, 23-24 years. Almost quarter of a century lol. Glad to hear you are still randomly playing Doom. The email I had back then doesn't exist anymore so there was no way to "go back in time" to see those conversations, but yeah now I do remember you was talking about getting into clubbing etc. I started producing music while still working on the original Brotherhood of Ruin, and it has taken me all around the world since then. Anyway, here's a new screenshot of an outdoor area, that I'll finish this week before I'll put the wad away for a couple of months to spend time for all summer business, music- and vacation-related.
  2. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

  3. Kristian Nebula

    Brotherhood of Ruin: 2023 Supercharged Edition

    Here's a couple of new screenshots from another area in the base with some kind of reactor. I'm almost complete with the research base areas of the map, then it's onto making the temple part of the map! Just crossed 20k linedefs so it's turning out quite large already.
  4. Kristian Nebula

    How Long do Mappers Last?

    Been mapping since june 1996! :)
  5. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    I remember visiting Tartu, Estonia in 2002 and there was a basement bar with a pool table that had walls covered in motherboards. I could imagine it as doom marine leisure space indeed :D
  6. Kristian Nebula

    Dreamed features in editors

    Deep97 used to have a built-in graphics editor back in the day that allowed to create your own textures or manipulate PNAMES/TEXTUREx inside the editor. Would be awesome indeed to get this feature in UDB, too!
  7. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    This base seems to run on miniature nuclear reactors...
  8. Kristian Nebula

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    @RaRu Des2122 delightful to watch these videos! It's very interesting to see someone find their optimal routes through the maps. E3M7, yes it's an easter egg indeed. The picture is the famous painting named "Defense of Sampo", depicting Louhi or Loviatar attacking Väinämöinen, a demigod-like figure in the finnish national epoch Kalevala to try and steal Sampo, a magical artifact of abundance. The picture was painted by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, who created many paintings considered important to the finnish national identity.
  9. Kristian Nebula

    Share Your Sprites!

    Nice! Without the claws this could make a pretty cool Doom Eternal-style Arachnotron variant. :)
  10. Hello! For the past couple of months I've shared some screenshots in the Doom Pictures thread 2023 of an unnamed UDMF project that I'm working on. In celebration of the upcoming Doom's 30th birthday, I've set a deadline to have it completed before that, hopefully no later than November. The map has progressed incredibly well because the excitement to try and see what is possible with UDMF, and my recent discovery of Supercharge by @Tango. So far it's a research base in a jungle-like environment made with OTEX resources. However, I'm also going to utilise Hexen2 textures from my old Brotherhood of Ruin resource wad to create a large pyramid structure you'll get to explore, too. As I was going through the old ruinbros resource wad, I found some unused sprites of puzzle artifacts representing the four elements. Fire, Earth, Water and Air. These have been extracted from Hexen2 and put into sprite form for Doom. I had to really scratch my head for a while about their origin, and I remembered that during early development stages of BoR I was communicating with David Wood (Hakx) via email who if I remember correctly was hosting the original doomshack.com in the late 90's. I remember that he suggested that we should use them in the original Brotherhood of Ruin, so that the whole story of the project would circle around of adventuring the temple landscapes on the quest for the elements, to unleash the fifth element that would kill all the demons instantly that were infesting Earth. It might be that he extracted them from Hexen2 to me and for some reason it never happened, because back in 1999 I had no idea how to make puzzle items into doom / boom. Also, our communication with David faded over time, I don't remember why but I do remember that we were in good terms with no arguments or anything. And as time passed the existence of these sprites was completely forgotten. I also remember I lost a bunch of the levels that were not completed at the time, but I don't remember how. It might have been a HD crash, or that I got a new computer in somepoint and they were on the HD of the old one that went to my grandmother to write poems with. Original BoR was going to be 11 maps, but ended up being 7 maps and somehow I forgot to change the amount of maps in the text file before it was uploaded to idgames. Now, 20 years later since BoR was chosen into top 100 wads of all time in 2003, it's time to visit the good old mesoamerican design one more time, UDMF style and with the expanded gameplay of Supercharge. I will also make puzzle items of these element sprites that you need to find inside the pyramid and use them in the end somehow, how exactly will come to me later as I keep creating the map (I often come up with stuff along the way). Plenty of demons to kill, interesting environments and a lot of secrets ahead, that's for sure! SCREENSHOTS
  11. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Reminds me of Castle Greyskull from 1980's Heman & MOTU, nice! :)
  12. Kristian Nebula

    Doomworld Musicians (ALL of you) - Tell Us Of Your Gear!

    I've got some bunch of hardware and software in my studio. Way too many to list all of it, but here are the main ones I use. DAW: FL Studio 20, been using different versions of it since 2000. Bought FL Studio 7 producer edition with lifetime free updates in 2007. Sound Forge 11 for sound editing stuff & recording hardware synths etc. I also know how to use Ableton Live or Presonus Studio One, too. Most of the DAWs are pretty straight forward and easy to get to know to. Genelec 8020's as studio monitors. I have a small space with acoustics paneling so they are enough. Currently Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 as the soundcard, connected to a Mackie CFX12 MKII Analog Mixer where my synths are connected to. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro headphones for detailed sound processing. Sennheiser HD-25-II for DJ'ing. Got a Moog Little Phatty II from before the editions that have USB. Mine is the 2nd generation model if I remember correctly, from around 2008. Roland JP-8000 which I bought in 2005. Got also an Arturia Microbrute that is a handy 1-oscillator analog synth which is the size of a 14" laptop. Goes nicely with you to live gigs. I used to have a Roland Juno-106, too but I sold it maybe 7-8 years ago. I plan to buy a Korg Minilogue and MS-20 Mini next. I've also got a couple of controllers. Korg Nanokontrol-2 and a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25 that I use to control my software synthesizers. Main software gear I use in my DAW for composing and audio processing are: Xfer Serum Sonic Academy Kick2 Sylenth1 Synplant VST Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Eastwest Studios Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Eastwest Stormdrum 3 NI Exhale NI Analog Strings NI Analog Brass & Winds NI The Grandeur Grand Piano NI Signal FL Harmless Waldorf Largo Vanguard Phoscyon (best software emulation of Roland TB-303) Processing FX: Fabfilter Pro-Q3 Fabfilter Pro-C2 Fabfilter Saturn Fabfilter Timeless 2 Fabfilter Volcano 2 Fabfilter Pro-R Fabfilter Pro-L2 Eventide Omnipressor Eventide H3000 Eventide Ultrareverb Eventide Octavox Eventide H949 Harmonizer Eventide Instant Flanger / Phaser Oxford Dynamics Oxford Inflator D16 Devastor D16 Decimort D16 Redoptor D16 Syntorus D16 Toraverb D16 Fazortan Output plugins Portal Output plugins Thermal Soundtoys Crystallizer Here's a lot that I currently use when composing psychedelic trance or some more classical style music. Output plugins are some of my more recent purchases. I really like what they can do to manipulate sound, Thermal has a very unique mid/side processing frequency range based distortion unit that can really bring some air to the mixes. Besides all this, I also have dj equipment at home with another set of Genelec 8020's and Pioneer XDJ-700's as the usb players and a DJM-600 that is from 2001. My old CDJ-100s got broken a few years ago, simultaneously. Both just stopped working and got error message that the laser doesn't read CD's anymore.
  13. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    This UAC research base apparently has a kitchen and a microwave, too - now with microwave radiation warning!
  14. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Inside air condition maintenance bunker.
  15. Kristian Nebula

    Most satisfying moments in Doom

    When either an imp or a pinky gibs a zombieman while they are infighting. Nothing more satisfying than DSSLOP! :D