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  1. Swedish musician Avicii has passed

    Yeah, a very sad story indeed. A friend of mine in Sweden knew him... He quit his gigs a couple of years ago for having more time for personal life. I can so much relate to it, even my touring and gigging isn't nearly as intense as his had been. They were quite vague about the reasons why he died, but according to multiple sources he had some health issues regarding intense touring and constant jet lag. Hope he will DJ some great parties on the other side...
  2. Random Image Thread

    We come in peace
  3. What do you think the 'F' in VFR stand for?

    This is what it means when speaking about DOOM (old friends looking for a fight and possible relatives in the purgatory) ;)
  4. Random Image Thread

    Poor Kermit :D
  5. What was the best level that you played.

    Ancient Aliens, pretty much the whole project but especially MAP24:Culture Shock in it and many maps from the first episode of it. And yeah, it's impossible to point out the very best map during a period of over 22 years of dooming, there are so many but this is the most recent one that I played and really jaw-dropping stuff. :)
  6. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Played DOOM for the first time in 1993. Then forgot about it for a couple of years until the end of 1995 started playing it a lot and mapping since mid-96 :)
  7. PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Holy crap it looks nice! :)
  8. Which difficulty do you play at [2018 Edition]

    Always UV - completed all games (the Ultimate DOOM, DOOM 2, Evilution & Plutonia) on NM about 15 years ago and can't say I enjoyed it but took it as a challenge. UV is the way to go, lower skills are usually too easy for me. :)
  9. Television Commercials You Hate to Love

    And for the record, I haven't watched TV since 2006, only movies from DVD's or Blurays and also them quite rarely. :D
  10. Random Image Thread

  11. Random Image Thread

  12. Random Image Thread

  13. Random Image Thread

    Anyone spend a lot of time drawing their wads on paper?
  14. What are you listening to?