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Kristian Nebula

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  1. Kristian Nebula

    No-Damage Runs on Nightmare

    Also did Advanced Research Complex now:
  2. Kristian Nebula

    No-Damage Runs on Nightmare

    Did a new one with sounds. Enjoy! :)
  3. Kristian Nebula

    Bus Slayer - An AI that plays Revenant Bus

    I lol'ed :D the philosophical AI thinking who to hurt and who not to. the Doom Captha
  4. Kristian Nebula

    Bus Slayer - An AI that plays Revenant Bus

    I wonder if the AI will in somepoint be able to complete, let's say the whole of DOOM or DOOM 2? Even more so, without getting hurt at all. :D Nice work! EDIT: Did the AI get hurt in any point?
  5. Kristian Nebula

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Well, now if I was ever to get a doom-related tattoo -this would be it @Jayextee
  6. Kristian Nebula

    Random Image Thread

    Boom Festival 2012, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal! I was there! :D
  7. Kristian Nebula

    Random Image Thread

  8. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Streams

    Streaming some Eviternity in a few moments for an hour or so... Getting closer to the end!
  9. Kristian Nebula

    DOOM Soundtrack Plagiarized by KSHMR? KSHMR Apologizes

    They definitely sound to the ear of a seasoned sound engineer like me like clipped copies which have been pulled through various compression / distortion plugins / mid/side processing which is basically a secondary depth stereo image within the left/right stereo image. Besides that they've been pitched up or down, because I work a lot with samples I know how they will sound. Definitely a ripoff IMO. Besides his body language is vague and definitely looks like he is pulling a story from his head in the explanation / apology video. Lying, in other words. EDIT: Heck, I believe it would be possible for me to recreate exactly same-sounding samples from cutting and processing just to prove my word above but I don't really want to waste my time doing it :D
  10. Kristian Nebula

    No-Damage Runs on Nightmare

    Hi I recorded a couple of no damage runs with gauss cannon only on Nightmare. They're from Kadingir Sanctum and Titan's Realm. There's a third one which is from Necropolis where I get beaten up by the Hell Guards a bit. I'll be posting more as I play through them.
  11. Kristian Nebula

    Looking for Doom 3 and Doom Movie (2005) storyboards

    Interesting! It really sounds they had somewhat similar ideas of what were used in DOOM 2016. Personally, I loved every bit of Doom3's story!
  12. Kristian Nebula

    Looking for Doom 3 and Doom Movie (2005) storyboards

    Anyone else notice General Hayden in the conference room, when in the game there was just Betruger? :) I wonder if he was going to be Samuel Hayden actually.
  13. Kristian Nebula

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    ^^ I'm also happy with how it is now!
  14. Kristian Nebula

    I now understand why I am addicted to Ultra-Nightmare.

    I would say Plutonia because Nightmare! for original Doom games was to my understanding a kind of a joke in the first place, to make monsters shoot projectiles around three times faster in speed and in an insane frequency + respawning. At least it has the possibility to save, which usually turns into save-spamming when trying on Nightmare. And if you save in a bad situation you're pretty much done for. Can't remember if I've beaten Plutonia on Nightmare in the past. I've tried at least, and I know that it's possible if you know the levels really well. DOOM 2016, on the other hand on Ultra Nightmare doesn't differ too much from Nightmare despite the fact that if you die, you go to the beginning. The monsters don't respawn but they do insane amount of damage if you get hit; getting beaten by a zombie can take up to 45% of health in one go alone. The monsters also try to predict the route you're moving throwing their fireballs in the direction you're most likely to move to, so you need to be really constantly moving to stay alive. If you stand still, it's almost instant death for sure. If you want to check my run, it can be found in two parts on my Twitch channel (first part linked): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/302013259 EDIT: I've also completed Doom 3 on Nightmare, which was interesting horror-wise because the health consistently dropped into 25% and you could only boost it through the health stations on walls if I remember correctly. There wasn't any health packs lying around. It was quite fun, actually!
  15. Kristian Nebula

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Looking good, nice and retro :)