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  1. I remember being lost for what felt like hours in E2M2 when I first played it in 1995. That doesn't change the fact that it's one of my favourite maps in the original episodes. So it's gotta be E3M5.
  2. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    E3M6 of 2022: The Next Doom Oddyssey from another angle. Me and @pcorf are 2 maps short of completing the megawad!
  3. Kristian Nebula

    Random Image Thread

  4. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    E3M6 of 2022: The Next Doom Oddyssey
  5. Kristian Nebula

    Corrupted Cistern :: GZDoom UDMF Map [FINAL on IDGAMES]

    This was really something else. Very enjoyable and beautiful, unique looks. Gameplay wasn't too difficult but it was really interesting too, lots of zombies. I was able to get the Cyberdemon cornered by a swarm of cacodemons, barons and demons and they chewed him off in no time and I didn't waste a bullet on it myself :D 5/5
  6. So, this happened when I returned to the bridge to look for more secrets after visiting the exit area. Seems like a camera activated and the skybox from the exit area was following me in parts of the map where it was not supposed to... This is from the first build so idk if it has been fixed already. :)
  7. So much epicness and jaw dropping moments, with chills down the spine... Hard to point out something specific, but definitely Steamclock Labyrinth was one of my favourites. Music was top notch throughout all three episodes, Fire episode map 4 especially, as well as Steamclock... Which must really have been one of the, if not THE most creative stuff I've seen through my entire life with Doom, which started in 1996. Really enjoyable levels and creative use of verticality on all maps.. Earth realm was much like what I wanted to do with Brotherhood of Ruin late 90's/early 2000's but lacked the skill and tools. So awesome, thanks for putting your time to make it and I'm sure part 2 will be as awesome as part 1!
  8. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    E3M5 of 2022: The Next Doom Oddyssey is almost complete.
  9. Kristian Nebula

    How there were wads in the 90s

    This was fun to watch. I remember starting with DeeP 8.35 shareware, which had the CTRL+D drawing mode, but with the 800 linedef limit back in 1996. I was also using a bit of DEU and DETH, too. Got a full version of DeeP eventually and used it until I switched to DB around 2005-2006.
  10. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    A sequel indeed, me and @pcorf are almost done and it's going to be out later this year!
  11. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Main courtyard of E3M5 of 2022: The Next Doom Oddyssey from another angle. Expect resistance ;)
  12. Kristian Nebula

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Looking ominous... E3M5 of 2022: The Next Doom Oddyssey
  13. Kristian Nebula

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    I recommend researching deeper on the subject, you might be amazed at all the different projects with use cases in development. Of course it's like looking for a needle in a haystack if you start going through the 12,200 or so different crypto projects at Coinmarketcap. After regulation there will most likely be much less, as the many scams will simply go away after they don't have access to exchanges. World Economic Forum recently listed a bunch of projects in their crypto paper that they released late 2020, mainly for use cases in different banking systems. Looking at the top 100 at Coinmarketcap and going through their white papers gives an idea for sure. But like with the internet in 1990's, we are still rather early and most likely many of the promising projects of today won't be remembered in the next decade. Something's cooking under the lid for sure anyway, and only time will show what it is. :)
  14. Kristian Nebula

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    This is a good point, the mass adoption of blockchain technology is what I described there earlier. Crypto assets are another iteration of blockchain technologies, and the use cases are many, only some of which I've described in my previous post. The tech has so many different valuable use cases than just a simple pump & dump currency -type, which will eventually be regulated away anyway. The native tokens of each chain are crucial for the existence of the blockchains themselves for transferring value in & out of and between the chains. It's very easy to misunderstand "crypto" as a buzzword just as the currency use case, but the meaning is much, much broader than that. When these new technologies are implemented in existing structures of industry and trade, seemingly nothing changes to the everyday joe regarding assets and trade of assets, but the underlying structures that are used for different asset classes will run on blockchain instead of conventional systems because of the many benefits of the tech. Sort of like a new digital sewage system where all the value moves in real time, frictionless unlike many of the current systems like SWIFT, that are antiquated. Crypto is part of the much broader digitalization of society (IoT, IoB and other transhumanist crap). Bitcoin was the first, and for some reason it's the most talked about in mass media and most known too because of it's notorious volatility and long history and all other things conversed in this thread already. However, there are much more advanced technologies that are faster, very low energy cost (read: sustainable) and based on totally different code and algorithms, with their own native tokens that have utility in the networks they are used in.
  15. Kristian Nebula

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Crypto will do to all asset classes what the internet did for media. At first, internet was thought of as a separate media besides radio, tv. etc. Fast forward 25 years and what happened? It absorbed them all and now they are all more or less dependent on it. Crypto will do the same for all asset classes - everything ends up being tokenized and recorded into a blockchain. There will be separate networks, that will be connected with different blockchains acting as bridges between the various "walled gardens". Platforms to tokenize real estate via NFT's are being built. Same thing goes for crypto-to-stock-to-crypto. Tokenized stocks will allow you to buy a 0,1 of an Amazon share if you can't afford a full one. Cross-border payment- and settlement layers are being tokenized. Industrial blockchains are being built to verify authenticities of products. Voting platforms to prevent voting fraud are being built on the blockchain too. Central bank digital currencies are also on the way and being tested in various countries. China has their digital yuan already in use, and is slowly replacing cash by first existing with it while cash is slowly being used less and less. These are all very different type of technologies than what bitcoin is, their energy usage is minimal and they don't need and ever-increasing amount of resources to keep the network up & running. This is the fourth industrial revolution and there's nothing we can do to stop it. Best to try your best to get your share of the ride!