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  1. Yoda Hulk... Ain't that Hulda? :D
  2. Great looking shots :)
  3. Just finished Wolfenstein: TNO again and my hands are itching for the New Colossus :D
  4. 34 but physically not any older than 25. Slowing down my physical aging a bit more each year ;)
  5. Barrel's of Fun (map23) Map04 holds the 2nd place.
  6. I can contribute a map for the quarter of a century celebration megawad for sure :)
  7. Totally :)
  8. "Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own." -Bruce Lee

  9. Two most recent ones: Valerian - City of a Thousand Planets and Sicario which were both very enjoyable although absolutely different genres.
  10. This seems related: ;D
  11. There is going to be a Kristian Aro 4-map minisode out this year, consisting of previously unreleased maps from 1999. They were gathering dust on a hard disk in Tasmania and only recently found their way into Finland after navigating the internet wires by foot halfway around the globe. Some of them need some serious polishing and monster/ammo balancing but it's going to be out still this year! Any guesses what it might be? :) 

    1. Memfis


      4 Minutes in Anguish?! Death Tormention II the Lost Levels?!

    2. Nebula-Kristian

      Haha, good guess but no :) Something else related to Y2K - my four maps for the infamous Doom Millennium! I'm going to leave them in their original form for the most parts, do some texture alignment and small monster/ammo tweaks but won't touch the architecture or add any more detail to the maps. Oh, and two new music tracks (not by me). Maybe Paul C will remember the creators of these midis. :)

    3. Memfis


      Oh, THAT project... Sounds great! I love it when old stuff resurfaces.

    4. Nebula-Kristian

      Yeah! :) It was a fun blast from the past to play through them... and weird, what was I thinking when I did them??? :D

  12. My latest dj-mix that I played 06:00 in the morning outdoors at pristine lake Saimaa in Eastern Finland after a night of rain. Rain stopped during the 2nd track. Nearly 2,5 hours of Goa Trance!


  13. Currently listening to a remix of a track that I'm putting together for New Zealand artist Terranine for his upcoming album. Earlier today I was listening to this:
  14. DSSLOP for sure. It made me laugh during the years so many times in various different situations.