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  1. Hey folks! I'm proud of you for keeping this going. I have updated the header post of this thread a bit. I will give Vertigo a revision. Sin will be worked on by dobu. Also, I have passed on a lot of what Panophobia resources I have on my HD to dobu. I will continue to monitor the project's progress and provide emotional support! Fight on mappers! Fight on!
  2. I agree the sky is in need of a touch up. I will work on it at some point.
  3. Just dropping in to say that progress is being made on Sin. Its currently about 40% done. I'll try to post some pics up next time I post.
  4. Nope that's the latest and greatest unfortunately.
  5. Thanks dobu. Very nice update! Your running scared segments in particular are just brimming with creativity. Keep up the good work! If you feel like working on BLOOD URGE, then please step in. MERCY will probably take me a couple of weeks to finish and fine tune to a presentable level.
  6. I'm steadily making progress on AT THE MERCY OF SIN. Here are some shots of what I have so far... I plan to work on BLOOD URGE afterwards and some RUNNING SCARED maps too in after I finish up MERCY.
  7. Sure thing. I'll keep in on posting during the days to come. Oh, and I don't remember weather or not this project was boom compatible or not. I'm leaning towards the not...
  8. Thanks dobu for trying to get the momentum going again for this project. I was actually thinking of posting on this thread again but u beat me to the punch. If you would like to take over as project leader, you are welcome to do so as my time for mapping is very limited nowadays. I can still help out with the title/intermission pics, play testing, and revising my maps.
  9. Hello folks! I'm glad to hear this project is about to come to a wrap. So far I've played up to map06 and I'm impressed by the level of balance and polish I've seen so far. Its definitly an improvement since the last time I gave these maps a whirl about a year or so ago. As for MAP29 ExtortaMontra's midi, I don't remember where I ripped from as I never recorded it anywhere. I think someone is gonna have to go ahead and replace it. I noticed from the early maps that the tunes are heavy metalish...perhaps the new song could keep closer in line to this? Anywho, below is my txt file info...
  10. Sure Death...um are you posting your revised map?
  11. After several attempts at playing through The Sigil and continually loosing my demos, I was finally able to beat it. Here is my play through. Overall I was impressed. Many areas were streamlined while others received a boost in the details department which is always nice. Difficulty wise it is excruciating, which suits this project just fine. The final boss battle in particular and the moments leading right up to it are astonishing. Props on making a fine level dobug. @Death Egg: oh! Thanks for letting me know. I'll revise the list! @Dobug: Hmm I'll give Major's maps another try to see what I think about them. Its been a while since I've played them truth be told X D.
  12. Okay so i'm just gonna touch ground here quickly on the maps we have out so far as of our second compilation release (alpha 2): MAP02 Welcome to Fear - needs work MAP04 Spellbound - needs play testing MAP06 Spider Island - needs work MAP08 Water God - needs work MAP10 House that Fear Built - needs work MAP12 Pain Consumes - needs play testing MAP14 Blood Urge - needs serious work MAP16 Sanguinary Chamber - needs play testing MAP18 Meat Train - needs serious work MAP20 Misfortune’s Playground - needs play testing MAP22 Whispers in the Dark - needs finishing touches MAP24 Ruin Me - needs play testing MAP26 At the Mercy of Sin - needs serious work MAP28 Vertigo Limit - needs to be finalized MAP30 The Sigil - needs play testing MAP31 Cacophobia - needs work At this stage non of the maps are done by any means as some still need quite more work and I still need to play through them entirely. Additionally, there are still a lot of running scared levels left to make. If anybody wants to claim a spot, go right ahead. pt1 (into Welcome to Fear) - FoH pt2 (into Spellbound) - FoH pt3 (into SpiderIsland) - FoH pt4 (into Watergod) pt5 (into House that Fear Built) pt6 (into Pain Consumes) pt7 (into Blood Urge) pt8 (into Sanguinary Chamber) pt9 (into Misfortunes Playground) pt10 (into Whispers in the Dark) pt11 (into Ruin Me) pt12 (into At the Mercy of Sin) pt13 (into Vertigo Limit) pt14 (into The Sigil) pt15 (secret) The criteria for making a running scared map is at follows: 1)The level should not take longer then 5 minutes to beat 3)Outside area must be pitch black (brightness set to 25) 4)Instead of a sky use (flat MFLR8_4) 5)Use ROCKRED1 texture as your primary texture 6)The level should end with the next level's phobia written out for the player to see @Dobug: I did play the revised Sigil map a while back but I've lost the demos I made of it. Out of all the levels, this one seems the most refined. I'll be playing this one and Senguinary for the next couple of days. I'll post up some comments as I go along. I'll be working on MAP14 and play testing every bodies for the next couple of weeks or so.
  13. Alright so your project leader is back from a brief hiatus. Sorry for the inactivity for last half year or so. All's I can promise at this point is that I'll put effort into it everyday from now on so we put this project back track and well on its way to completion. One thing I don't want to do is get so hung up on a release date just yet. I want to make absolutely sure that these maps are exceptional beyond a shadow of a doubt. A release date putting on the pressure will only serve to make us loose sight of that. Ideally though, I would like us to be finished sometime this year. Any who, there is still plenty of work to be done, maps to be tested and made. I realize I've been gone for quite sometime, but hopefully all the original authors are still around to put in some more work on their maps. I'm just giving everybody a heads up at this point as I try to pickup where we left off and get the gears working their magic again. I'll have an itinerary out tomorrow as well as my status update on each map.
  14. Here is hopefully the last and final revision of my map. If there are any glaring problems with it, then of course I'll do what needs to be done to get it fixed... DOWNLOAD EXTORTA NOVA FINAL! Changes since b2 ---------------- *Removed clutter. There is now far less restricted movement. *Fixed a lot of visual oddities, glitches, and misaligned textures *Personally tested everything *Spent a lot of time balancing and tweaking *Completly overhauled almost every event in the map!
  15. @kildeth: I've been putting in time on the weekends fixing up my map so I should be able to to meet the deadline no prob. I'd really like to get around to playing everybody else's levels in this project. Its shaping out to be epic... @dobug: dude! Judging from the pic and your past work (mainly The Sigil), your level looks wicked awesome!