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  1. Skirmisher

    Doom 64 TC .cfg file. Needed

    OK it's still no good,waiting for the new version of DoomBuilder that properly supports Doom 64 TC seems to be the way to go. I'm using DoomBuilder to edit jDoom(Doom2) 32 level pack right now and its works great,best editor I've ever used to make Doom levels. I tried all the supposed fixes to get DoomBuilder working with the Doom 64 TC of jDoom but it's all errors and DB crashes constantly. So,thanks for a great editor and hopefully someday fairly soon we'll see the new version that can really handle Doom 64.
  2. Skirmisher

    Doom 64 TC .cfg file. Needed

    Oh I should have read through everything,I'm going to try out Doom Builder X for now,I see now that this will be fixed eventually. Thanks again.
  3. Skirmisher

    Doom 64 TC .cfg file. Needed

    Thanks for the rapid response,but the zip file contains another non functioning .cfg file. The same errors are occuring as before.
  4. Skirmisher

    Doom 64 TC .cfg file. Needed

    Hello, I want to make levels for the Doom 64 TC for jDoom(Doomsday). Doom builder is an excellent editor,but the cfg files contained in the Doom 64 TC package are not accepted by doom builder when it loads. How can I obtain a working cfg file for the Doom 64 TC? Can I make one myself,if so how? Failing that where can I get a working copy of the Doom 64 .cfg file. Thanks