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  1. <Faint> HEY BARON IS BACK!
    <Baron> Greetings from hell Faint
    <Faint> Baron! It's been so long, let's sexor!
    * Baron has wild and passionate sex with Faint
    <DiluteCo> ...
    <Faint> Wow, DiluteCo is back too!
    <Faint> DiluteCo let's sexor!
    <DiluteCo> hah
    <Faint> Why isn't the DiluteCo bot working?
    <DiluteCo> whoa im just a little bit hetero
    <Faint> haha the bot is a homophobe

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    2. Insomniak


      Speaking of funny Baron quotes:

      [01:47] <Russell^> baron likes gay anal sexor
      [01:47] * Baron has wild and passionate sex with Russell^
      [01:47] <Russell^> ok, I regret saying that

      [19:52] <Epyo> you've seen my secret! I'm a bot!
      [19:52] <Baron> I haven't seen your damn secret! I'm a bot, now shut up.

    3. Ultraviolet


      Yeah, Baron... He rocks it.

    4. Draconio


      [11:41] * fredrik (nospam@h245n2fls34o865.telia.com) has joined #zdoom
      [11:41] <Baron> omg it's fredrik
      [11:43] <Nanami> omg it's fredrik
      [11:43] <Melfice_Darkmage> heh
      [11:43] <SargeBaldy> omg it's baron
      [11:43] <SargeBaldy> omg it's nanami
      [11:43] <Nanami> omg it's sargebladder
      [11:43] <Draconio> haha
      [11:43] * zarcyb (~zarcyb@pc-80-195-10-86-ed.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #zdoom
      [11:43] <SargeBaldy> omg it's your mom
      [11:43] * Baron kills zarcyb
      [11:43] <SargeBaldy> omg she's in my pantz
      [11:43] <Melfice_Darkmage> omg it's zarcyb
      [11:43] <SargeBaldy> omg it's zarcyb
      [11:44] * Nanami kills zarcyb
      [11:44] <Melfice_Darkmage> omg omg omg it's everyone!
      [11:44] <zarcyb> omg its me
      [11:44] <zarcyb> :(
      [11:44] <zarcyb> i thought you lubbed me nanami
      [11:44] <Nanami> I'm mimicing Baron.
      [11:44] <Melfice_Darkmage> :P
      [11:44] <Draconio> Baron sexor me
      [11:44] <Melfice_Darkmage> why? lol
      [11:44] * Baron has wild and passionate sex with Draconio
      [11:45] <Nanami> But now would be a good time to stop.