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  1. UltraV 000: heh, have you heard the RATM cover of Fuck the Police?
    ralphis sfr6: no
    ralphis sfr6: do you know why
    ralphis sfr6: BECAUSE RATM SUCKS
    UltraV 000: heh
    UltraV 000: no you suck
    UltraV 000: I'd like to see YOU cover Fuck the Police.
    ralphis sfr6: I'm too busy covering your mother
    UltraV 000: heh

    So, there you have it! Ralphis has been challenged to cover "Fuck the Police!" He hasn't accepted, but if you see him tell him to do it! WE WANT A RALPHIS COVER OF "FUCK THE POLICE!"

    1. jute


      i dunno, but i think ratm could do nothing but ruin that song. i'd like to hear ralphis try it out, though.

    2. Ultraviolet


      Why don't you listen to the RATM cover before you make that judgement?