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  1. UV says: brb
    UV says: and I'm back
    Scuba Steve says: wow
    UV says: I know. I am just too impressive.
    Scuba Steve says: hooray for Ultraviolet light
    UV says: ...
    UV says: because it moves fast
    Scuba Steve says: and causes cancer!
    UV says: heh
    Scuba Steve says: tha cancer of Doomworld
    UV says: haha
    UV says: I should get that title
    UV says: hmm, I'm gonna blog this conversation and see if it happens
    Scuba Steve says: At what point do you stop blogging this conversation?
    UV says: probably here
    Scuba Steve says: so this won't be in it?
    UV says: probably not
    Scuba Steve says: sweet

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    2. Ultraviolet


      TeamKill said:

      Well gee, thanks.

      You make no contributions here! HARA KIRI PLEASE! :P

    3. Draconio


      Having a handmade animated .gif for an avatar seemed to work for me. At least, I think that's what my title's all about.

    4. Ultraviolet


      I did have a handmade animated .GIF for an avatar, but it blinked like, epilepsy-inducing fast. I think Pritch or Shaviro made me change it. My current avatar is one (of two) frame of the original animation.