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  1. Today, I was already beat down and tired nice and early, so I came home at 9 AM, skipping my next class, to nap until work at 2 PM. I was fully clothed and all, lying on my bed, cold, trying to sleep, until I finally got the idea to put my jacket over me (didn't wanna put my boots under the sheets, see). I finally got some sleep.

    I dreamed up a girl today... absolutely perfect and beautiful in every possible way, because my mind designed her for me...

    I was living in a college dormitory, working (work-study) as a student medical technician. I met her in the hallway. We were both freshmen, and some guy there liked to take friendly jabs at the freshmen... he'd clog our ventilation and stuff on our floor of the dormitory complex, little stuff.

    Anyway, at some point I approached her and I couldn't help but kiss her. She was perfect. Even her lips were perfectly suited to me. She was about an inch shorter than me... which, if you know me, is exactly how I like things. As I let go so she could go about her business (was on her way to a class, I think), she told me she wasn't up for any big over-emotional romantic attachments. I wanted her so much that I told her that was OK, she could use me any time.

    It turned out that she was a little ahead in the work-study program that I was in, and was going to be one of my supervisors on a training exercise. There was a catch. When we got to the plane we were conducting the exercise on, she was in what they were calling a fluid suit. I don't know how it worked, but it somehow de-oxygenated her blood and filled her lungs with water. My other supervisors told me, after the suit was done working, to resuscitate her. I started freaking out... had a bag of liquid oxygen I was supposed to hook up to her to help (look, I don't have the medical knowledge in real life for my brain to dream accurately) her blood oxygen return to normal while I mouth-pump the fluid out. I couldn't figure out how to hook the thing up. I was freaking out, crying. Finally, after what seemed like hours (even though it was only seconds) of me fumbling, looking at her, crying, my instructors told me how to use a modification of CPR to suck/pump the fluid out of her lungs and where to attach the bag of liquid oxygen. I woke up just as I was sucking the water out of her lungs. I was a little upset...

    But oh, those lips. Dammit, I wish I had been able to keep sleeping, to know if I could help her, or just to keep feeling her lips...

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    2. Danarchy


      fraggle said:

      I've found that sometimes I lucid dream but I cant control the dream. A lot of the time I wake up very soon after realising I'm dreaming.

      That's pretty much what always happens to me. At least I have autonomy which I didnt have when I was younger. Back then it was like watching a movie that I starred in.

    3. Draconio


      Yeah, I lucid dream occasionally (rarely, really) and it is sometimes hard to stay asleep when it happens. I've learned that if it happens, the first thing to tell yourself to do is stay asleep, before trying anything else in dreamland. I can control stuff a little when it happens, but not a lot, my influence tends to be kind of half-assed. And sometimes the realization leaves you again and it's back to thinking that what's happening is real. On the topic of thinking dreams are real, I freaked myself out once waking up because I had been dreaming and thought I was already awake.

    4. Ultraviolet


      You know, the martial arts applications of lucid dreaming as a means of implanting technique into your instinct-set through subconscious ingrainment sounds uh, really useful. In fact, you could do the same thing with stuff like... doing math in your head. You could practice basic arithmetic while you sleep to make you faster while you're awake.

      Fuck me if I'm wrong...