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    Atropos says: what now?
    Atropos says: hgehe
    UV says: This asshole of a fucking old lady comes banging on my door while I'm asleep by the toilet in the bathroom...
    UV says: I come to the door and she starts yelling through the glass about my dog barking. Fucking old bitch.
    Atropos says: your mom? hehe
    Atropos says: OH
    Atropos says: haha
    Atropos says: I see
    UV says: How I remained ENTIRELY POLITE the whole time is a mystery.
    UV says: But if she comes back I will, in these exact words, tell her to shut her fucking mouth and go to bed.
    UV says: Only reason my tongue held the first time is cuz' she caught me by surprise.
    Atropos says: ima come to your house and knock on a window and yell at ya
    UV says:
    UV says: I'm not gonna make it to work tomorrow...
    Atropos says: that sucks
    UV says: I've been expecting to throw up for about an hour now...
    Atropos says: what time would you have to be there?
    UV says: The bitch, walking back to her house, decides to walk right by my fence... probably expected the dog not to bark.
    UV says: Ex-fucking-cuse me, but walking by somebody's fence at 3 am is gonna fucking get a dog barking.
    UV says: And she fucking threatens to report my dog to the MP's.
    UV says: Fuck, I hate her.
    UV says: I hate her and I don't even know her.
    UV says: I think I'll bring my bo to the door next time if there is a next time.
    Atropos says: hehehe
    UV says: I never even heard the dog.
    Atropos says: maybe it was all in her head
    UV says: Most likely.
    UV says: She'd probably report nature to the MP's for the rain making too much noise.
    Atropos says: haha
    UV says: I wonder if I can report HER for harassment.
    Atropos says: I need motivation to put on something to sleep in
    UV says: Because I really think she's making it all up.
    Atropos says: I had just gotten out of the shower.. im still sitting in a towel
    Atropos says: well that and she came up to your window
    UV says: The door... she didn't wait for me to open it.
    Atropos says: oh
    Atropos says: i see
    UV says: She just talked through it, see.
    UV says: Impatient old fuck.