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  1. <Faint> Man, I am hella unorthodox leet.
    <Faint> Get this... OK, first of all, I'm a community college computer lab aide.
    <Faint> Heh. This chick was working on some paper and hadn't saved...
    <Faint> And it locked up and she comes running down here for help...
    <Faint> I couldn't get Word to respond.
    <Faint> She hadn't saved it even from the beginning, so there was no auto-save to use or anything...
    <Faint> My solution? PULL THE POWER CABLE OUT. :P
    <Faint> To simulate power loss so XP would generate a recoverable document on its way down!
    <Faint> I was afraid that terminating the process wouldn't be enough to get it to consider that a failure worth creating a recoverable file for.
    <Faint> So yeah, unorthodox solutions ahoy.
    <Faint> :D

    EDIT: Come to think of it, it's more likely that, upon terminating a process, there's a chance that it kills everything related to the process including anything it had paged to the hard drive. Power-loss gives it no chance to do that, letting there be a chance that it can recover a document from whatever still is in the page file on bootup.