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  1. Considering how today started, I'm very well off now. I woke up about half able to breathe, weak, sick... swallowed about 1/4 of a bottle of cough syrup and whatever allergy medicine I could find... nearly fell asleep a few times driving to work... found out when I got there that my co-worker had called in sick so I'd be working both ends (computer lab aide - two areas, two people) and for an hour and a half longer... had some nice, greasy bacon and salty hash browns... heh. Everything turned out alright and I'm feeling alright now.

    Time to wash the dishes.

    1. Danarchy


      I started by getting up about an hour too early and not being able to fall back asleep. So I went downstairs and tried to make breakfast. Unfortunately, the toaster burned my bagels to a chrisp. Then I put in some English muffins instead. When I went to get the cream cheese, I dropped it, and it fucking BROKE. The plastic tub, built to withstand being smothered under 30 tons of cream cheese and dropped from a loading truck, fucking split open. Then as I was walking around looking for a plate, I tripped over the piles of groceries that are on the floor for some reason. So I ate my muffins and watched History Channel. I should have been doing last night homework, but I was too tired and depressed to I fell asleep instead. I woke up in time to go to school. On the way there, I did a horrible job of driving, kept finding myself going 10 over the speed limit. I missed the turn to go toward the school and ended up going down the next road instead. Unfortunately, it had no left turn lane or light so I had to wait for a million evenly-spaced cars to come by. Finaly, I just hit the accelerator and went. Unfortunately, I took the turn too fast and ended up going head on into the right lane on the street I was turning into. If there was someone coming, it would have been one Hell of a crash. For some reason my mom decided to laugh at me for this all the way to college.

      English was horribly boring, and I kept fucking up the simple problems I was trying to do in math. Then finaly, it was time for favorite class, Recordning Techniques. But it was cancelled. I tried to call my mom, but she wasn't home. So instead I just hung out with my friend Eric and his friends. They went on talking about all kinds of interesting shit and it made me realise that I'm horribly dumb and have no life. Then finally two hours later, when my recording class usualy ends, I went to where my mom usualy picks me up. Unfortunately, she was a half hour late and I had to wait out in the rain. When she finaly came she reminded me she had a cell phone. Fuck. Then she went on bitching about her life the whole way home. And now I should be working on homework some more because I'm about 2 weeks behind but fuck, I'm too pissed to concentrade on anything.

    2. Ultraviolet


      the_Danarchist said:

      I had to wait out in the rain.

      You have rain? COOL! :P

    3. Danarchy


      Life without rain would be Hell. But so is waiting in it for a half an hour when you're hungry and need to take a shit.