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  1. Well, a few months back, I made an entry about applying to Hot Topic and getting the chance to make fun of mallgoths and the like. Heh, a few days ago I got a call from them asking for an interview. Yayz0r. I thought from there about whether a second job would be a good idea... I think I can squeeze it in, though, just as long as I don't sign off all my free time. Vehicular availability may become an issue with the family, but I hope it won't be anything we can't overcome.

    So uh, the interview went well, I think. There were a few points where I was just blank, though. The funny part is that for their interviews they try to determine both how good you'd be at the job and how "cool/alternative" you are. Heh. It's funny, but I suppose they have to make sure you can uphold the... something image of the store.

    I walked in today to inquire as to the evaluation of my interview... yes, that's how I phrased it, but then clarified with "I felt like being a nag." They said the hiring would be done by Friday. Well, two days to go until I see what's up. I noticed they were playing Assemblage 23! I was like "Whoa." (Picture Neo, having just learned Kung Fu.) I was wondering what happened to all their typical Good Charlotte and Marilyn Manson shit. What's next? Beborn Beton? Apoptygma Berzerk? Orbital? Wumpscut? ohGr? If I work there, yes, those will be played, and the teeny-goths will learn to recka-nize. *snaps fingers sassily*

    Hmm, need to check the oil in the car when it gets cooler -- referring to the car and the weather both.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      the_Danarchist said:

      What the Hell? I thought that after a week of applying and not getting a reply, that meant they threw your application into a paper shredder. I figured all that "on file" stuff was BS. Heh...maybe this means my friend Bree will get the Hot Topic job she applied for a few months back. Anyway, show those goth wannabes who's elite.

      Heh. No, the "on file" thing isn't really BS. They kept mine cuz' I'm pretty. ^.^ (And therefore I can sell stuff cuz' I won't scare the "normals" off.) Yeah, I'll show 'em who's elite. Quick Dan, tell me what to listen to. :P

    3. Sharessa


      Coil, c17h19no3, Download, Pigface, and Throbbing Gristle.

      If you want to be really elite get Hilt, Psychic TV, and Ritalin. Inlikely that you'd find them though. :P

    4. Ultraviolet


      Um... I wasn't expecting you to actually make suggestions, heh. I was kidding.

      And I can find anything. I don't buy CD's, I download. Heh. Worst case, I could be running every known filesharing program simultaneously. I've done away with all but iMesh (sometimes good for finding games) and Soulseek, though.