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  1. Tonight was a really fucking awesome night.

    I went to this local nu-metal show, which was basically a "battle of the bands" thing out in the park. While I'm not a big fan of nu-metal, a friend's band (and the bands of some other people I knew) was playing so I showed up to support them. I'm glad I did, too, because it gave me a chance to support the scene. I realized that just like the old scene, whether the music was played by talented musicians or not didn't matter. It was about the people, everybody having fun... it's just that the kids these days don't really like good music as much. ^_^

    And the real high point of the night: I met a girl and I am very interested. She seems open to possibilities as well. It started out... I was at the show trying to get some, basically. I got flashed some, got to grope some chick, hit on a crapload of 'em... nothing worked out there, thankfully, because if it had I might not have been in the right place at the right time. I gave up hunting in the area I was at to walk off and hang out with my friend Michelle. We ran into a group of her friends and she introduced me. Well, naturally, a few of them were female and very hot, so I went back to flirting a bit, although discretely and uh, kind of in a weird way. Uh, ignore that "discretely" part too, that was hardly a consistant thing.

    She leaned on Michelle's shoulder and Michelle was like "Oh, this is my wife." I said "Oh... well, this certainly does not bode well for me." We were all joking around and somehow I got to the topic of groping people... I asked her if I could grope her, haha, I don't know how the hell that actually worked... she said yes, and I was like "No shit? Seriously?" Well, no objections came up... my hand went up her shirt and exploring. Yeow.

    At some point she mentioned being cold. I offered to let her warm her hands up on my body. She put them on my chest, I mentioned that I enjoyed it... a minute or so after she took them off I turned and offered her my ass to warm her hands on, heh. She accepted! Soon after that I more seriously offered to let her warm her hands in the sleeves of my jacket. I ended up holding her hands in my sleeves there... fuck, that was so nice... I figured she could get more warmth from me if she put her hands further up my arm, so I suggested it and she did... At some point somebody asked her for the time and she had to take her arms out to check her watch. Aww... wish we could have just stayed like that... Finally, once my brain started getting circulation again, I realized how cold it was and passed my jacket to her to wear. I wish I hadn't been so slow about that, however it was nice just being able to touch her... I began to notice things about her like the way she laughed and moved around, even some more abstract stuff like just the energy that seemed to be beaming out of her. Suddenly it wasn't my libido urging me to maintain contact with her anymore.

    Later on I saw her and this other guy acting a little close. I was feeling really disappointed about that, but wanted to get all the facts before I gave up. I asked Michelle (pretended I needed her to show me where the payphone was, even though I didn't need to make a call) if she knew whether she was with that guy or not, but she didn't know... I had to wait for him to leave so I could ask her myself. She said no, but a friend was trying to fix them up. I was so happy to hear that that I was like "Oh, hey, uh... just one more question... can I kiss you?" She got a little shy at that... giggled, pushed the hair out of her face, and said "I don't know." I mean, not a "you decide" sort of "I don't know," but a serious uncertain sort of... you know. I figure it's a good sign, though, because if the answer is really "Eww, hell no!" then she wouldn't be shy about it. I mean, she'd only be shy if there was something to be shy about, you see... I told her that I "will probably be bugging the hell out of [her] about that". She smiled, and that was definitely a good sign.

    I got her number and gave her my e-mail address (shortage of paper and things were feeling a little rushed because her and a group of friends were headed off to drink and watch movies -- I so wanted to go but transportation arrangements would not allow). I can't wait for tomorrow when I'm gonna call her. I don't know if I'll even be able to sleep. I might be like a kid on Christmas Eve, watching the clock, impatient for the morning...

    12 hours to go. That's some sleep to wait through and then a church service to be dragged to by my family... nothing I'm not used to, but I imagine I'll look even less like I'm paying attention than usual.

    Wish me luck for tomorrow. I really want things to go right...

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    2. zark


      Bwahaha, well done.

      I wish I had irish girl's name and number :( you lucky frad, get in there!

      Oh and this thread needs more impse.

    3. kain


      good job man. good job.
      it was kinda the same for me, but with tones of advice from my coworkers in europe.
      advice as ( yeah go up there, the boss wont care )

    4. Job


      Good times...I remember when things used to be like that for me. When I could get happy and excited over stuff of that nature and nothing could knock my happiness down a peg. Memories... I'm hoping to try for a bit of luck like that with a lovely young lady in my Human Development class.