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  1. Excerpt from a conversation I had after seeing the new Matrix movie (which I don't feel like discussing now because it is over):

    Vitriolic Vermillion: spent about half an hour trying to pick some weird thing out of my arm
    CrAshNburrrrn: O.o .. wtf
    Vitriolic Vermillion: so I'm about to go to the movie, you know, and there's this pimple on my arm
    Vitriolic Vermillion: so I pop the fucker
    Vitriolic Vermillion: and i go to wipe the puss off
    CrAshNburrrrn: HAHAHA
    Vitriolic Vermillion: and i notice that what I thought was just puss actually contained some 3-ish millimeter long conic thorn or something
    Vitriolic Vermillion: because when I touched it the skin moved rather than the kleenex just absorbing the puss
    Vitriolic Vermillion: I leave it be until I get back...
    Vitriolic Vermillion: and I pick at it and I try tweezers and the thing just keeps going back in
    Vitriolic Vermillion: eventually I notice I'm doing better with a safety pin
    Vitriolic Vermillion: even that pushes it back in, but I squeeze the area to get the thing to shoot back up
    Vitriolic Vermillion: so what I did was use the pin to tear the skin away around it so it could come out unrestricted
    Vitriolic Vermillion: then it and the flood of white crap behind it came out when I squeezed it this time
    CrAshNburrrrn: OMG! ... that's disgusting ... i have a horrble fear of getting splinters, or anything that goes into my skin that's not supposed to be there... *shudders*
    Vitriolic Vermillion: well, it was pretty weird
    Vitriolic Vermillion: can't say I was afraid of it per se...
    Vitriolic Vermillion: but I was pretty adamant about getting it out

    Once I got the thing out, I played with it a bit. It was about 3mm long, solid, seemed mostly dry, even though it had been in my arm. I was able to crush it with the tweezers, but that only flattened it. There was nothing moist inside, so uh... I dunno. It was black and white.

    Any ideas what that was?