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  1. Damn, this was weird. I dreamed I was in the game. Everything was real in appearance -- no polys, bumpmapping, skeletal animation, or dynamic lighting, but actually real. Heh, for whatever reason, the locations I ended up in were a military base and a commercial spaceship, like a cruise ship or something.

    Somehow I ended up taking the president on a walking tour of the base and ended up having to save him when he fell into a reservoir of reactor coolant. I called out for somebody to drain the reservoir and flush it with water (because that coolant is acidic, of course) and then I dove in to get the president. I took some maintenance access that led back up to where I was and put the president back on the catwalk for somebody else to take care of. I turned around to get something in the maintenance access area and the reactor coolant flush sequence started to reset -- the doors near the spillway that I had entered shut behind me and I was trapped in the maintenance area. I found some other way out and the location changed to the cruise spaceship. At that point there were a bunch of other people in the game. So uh, the game is gonna be an FPS MMORPG, don't freak out :P Anyway, I ended up chasing around some actress or model chick, ended up in her dressing room fooling around... woke up...

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    2. darknation


      AndrewB said:

      Umm, this is the first time I've done it.

      Never thought you had it in you! Well done Andy, you are now a man!

    3. Ultraviolet


      darknation said:

      Never thought you had it in you! Well done Andy, you are now a man!

      Except for the facial hair.

      Interesting coincidence, if I were to go by my first name and last initial like AndrewB, I would be AndrewC.

    4. Chopkinsca


      I get weird moments in my dreams. One time I tried to control my body in the dream, but for some reason, I was using a keyboard.. in my mind using a keyboard to control my mind.

      I had a dream about a doom level before I saw it. There were demons in the dream too, and this was before my doom experience.