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  1. I'd assume that my post that broke the character limit was deleted (can't blame you), but I wish it was just edited so I wouldn't have missed out on any resulting discussion. I forgot to subscribe to the thread (because it locked up IE, haha) and I didn't get a chance to check in at any time.

    Anyway, for those of you who didn't catch, what happened was I tested "timeline" to see if when you make a post that is just under the 50,000 character maximum it'll allow you to post it, but then still translate timeline into "I AM A MORON", making the post about four times longer (I did character counts). I then found that "timeline" is no longer translated, but XD is, so I posted 49,998 characters worth of that (because another space, X, and D would have been 1 character over the max). As I had hoped, the offensive strings of characters were all "I AM A MORON"ed and I had something like almost 500,000 characters in my post (I could calculate exactly how many I would have right now, but I'll leave that to... Fredrik or something, I mean, not that it's really that hard, but whatever).

    But uh, yay for me, I p0wnz3d teh forums! I p0wnz3d Internet Explorer on my machine while I was at it (the lockup I mentioned)...

    EDIT: Please re-post any replies that stated anything funny, or anything at all really, but um, don't get my post deleted. :-D

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    2. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      You mean this:

      (haha just kidding lolololol)

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      Scuba Steve


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