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  1. I just finished my first case mod ever. I ripped two 92mm fans out of two old power supplies, mounted one as a front case fan, the other on top between my power supply and my CD-RW, a mount for which much drilling and cutting had to be done. Both are 12 volt fans, one is 1.2 amps and the other is 1.4 -- an interesting thing to note is that the 1.2 amp fan is really old (came out of a power supply where the electronics looked like something out of 80's hacker movies), has a huge fan hub so you wouldn't think it could crank out all that much air, but it tops the 1.4 amp fan, seeming about 3 times as strong.

    Anyway, both fans are connected to the 500 milliamp connector on the motherboard. I didn't have an adapter, so I had to do it with a wire stripper, twisting my own copper, and lots of electrical tape.

    We'll see how this affects performance. I expect pretty good results. It's too bad I don't have any thermal sensors or onboard equipment for that. It's an old board...

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    2. Ultraviolet


      We've talked about it, and you KNOW I'd be running tornados instead of whatever I could rip out of old power supplies if I just had the money right now. That is to say any money at all that isn't dedicated to my survival right now.

      Zip-ties aren't half bad. They're a great way to keep those cables bundled to free up some airflow. I'm still using flat IDE cables, so I can't tie them up like that. I just end up jamming them in somewhere where they don't block air and hope they don't move themselves out. I need to buy some of the round ones because it seems to me they impede airflow less.

    3. kain


      i used to do that shit, then i relised i could just run the comp withought a case and blamo.

      putting fans in something thats perfectly fine is stupid in my humble opinion. unless its overclocked, or another fan has diead, then there is no point.

      also, i dont recommend twisting wires togeather at alll. if you wanna do it right, solder it.

    4. Ultraviolet


      You're an idiot. Proper twisting is JUST FINE as long as you "shrinkwrap" (they make a special insulative kind for wires) or insulate it somehow.

      Running with an open case is also dumb. Air is juuuuust a little bit soft, so it's susceptible to a high rate of diffusion. You have to confine its flow-path with a case or some ducting in order for a decent volume of it to reach your heatsinks and do any good at all carrying the heat away through convection. Did I mention you're an idiot? Lots of people have done thermal sensor tests that prove how much good PROPER cooling can do. Taking the side off of your case does no good except to allow complete air diffusion before it ever reaches its target heatsinks and other hot surfaces, which could also benefit from some heatsinks.

      I'd imagine electricians and electronics experts know a bit more than you on the subject, and they say that electricity conducts best at lower temperatures. Keeping as many components in your computer as cool as possible will benefit stability, lifespan, and performance of your components. There are even stories about people who couldn't run DDR RAM they bought at stock speed -- system wouldn't post at all -- until they put a decent cooling rig on the RAM. From there they could even overclock it with complete stability.