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  1. I just finished my first case mod ever. I ripped two 92mm fans out of two old power supplies, mounted one as a front case fan, the other on top between my power supply and my CD-RW, a mount for which much drilling and cutting had to be done. Both are 12 volt fans, one is 1.2 amps and the other is 1.4 -- an interesting thing to note is that the 1.2 amp fan is really old (came out of a power supply where the electronics looked like something out of 80's hacker movies), has a huge fan hub so you wouldn't think it could crank out all that much air, but it tops the 1.4 amp fan, seeming about 3 times as strong.

    Anyway, both fans are connected to the 500 milliamp connector on the motherboard. I didn't have an adapter, so I had to do it with a wire stripper, twisting my own copper, and lots of electrical tape.

    We'll see how this affects performance. I expect pretty good results. It's too bad I don't have any thermal sensors or onboard equipment for that. It's an old board...

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    2. cycloid


      i installed fan switches to cope with mine, the two 120mm fans are the only fans in the system blowing air in through the side panel (i moved and de-cased the PSU too) when running at about 9.5volts the cpu temp is stable at 45C i can run the non-cpu one at around 7v usually for even quieter operation but with both at 7v the temperature starts to creep up, i've not had it higher than 55C (ok so i'm a pussy, these athlons nowadays'll go upto 100!) so it might actually stabalise at some point. ive got a geforce card too that's passively cooled by the whole getup. heh. oh and it's orange, there are pictures on the web somewhere.

    3. Ultraviolet


      I don't know if I would have had the space to put a 120mm fan in the top of my case. The bracket for the front intake fan is 92mm, and there was no way to expand it, so 92mm it is.

      I wish I had thought to check out my options for fitting a third fan, identical to the one on the top of my case, in as well. It was too thick for the bracket for the front intake, but I may have been able to put the two identical fans side by side or single-file on the top of the case. I had concerns about obstructing the power supply ventilation, though. These are some pretty thick fans and it could have been a big deal. I also may have had to worry about blocking the CD-RW's connections off, which wouldn't have been cool.

      I have a disgusting secret, though... I had no nuts to hold the top fan, so I used superglue and put screws in the grill to make it appear that it was all screwed together. It's still holding! I actually let it dry sideways, resting against the case, supported by the screws. Don't tell anybody. :P

    4. auxois


      Jesus' living cock, you sick fuck. Superglue? Gah.

      Nevermind that half my shit is held together with string and spit.

      And zip-ties. Heh.

      120mm fans really aren't worth the effort, in my experience. Better off getting a few high-RPM 92mm fans - considerably easier to manipulate while moving about the same amount of air. Vantec's Tornado line are particular favorites of mine. I have one on my CPU.

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